Tuesday, February 14, 2017


No need to feel sorry for me, today

I've had a few friends send me some
handcrafted Valentine's Day Cards!

Three were crafted in my home, 
while another was crafted across the country!
There's something special about opening your mailbox
and finding delightful surprises!

I love & appreciate them all.
Thank you!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, this hottie hit me up, I fought against my insecurities and allowed myself to believe that it was for real, which turned out nicely.  Then, just when I thought we might take another step in a new journey for me, I hear from him that That Man who is currently our president and his travel ban kept the hottie in Mexico and out of reach.  Now, here's the next, but not uncommon, reason that I am single.
Three days after I sent a message asking where and how he is, he replies to me by telling me that he was joking about it all.  Haha, great joke. (That's sarcasm).  What would possess him to lie like that, except to have an unalterable reason to not get together again?

I was preparing to have the kids over for Craft Night 2017 in just a few hours when I got his message revealing his joke (A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK LATER) and I didn't have time to deal with drama so I simply responded that I was having friends over and invited him to join.  It's a week later and I still haven't heard a "Sounds fun," "No, thanks" or even a "Fuck off" from him.  I truly do not get this behavior.   Come on to me hot & heavy, tell me how much you like me and then step away.  What is that?  I can blame myself for allowing my protective wall down. I can assume that I was correct in my insecurity and he was disappointed by me, either physically or personality-wise.  I can choose to say, "Never again,"  but I choose the "Fuck Him", option.  Even though there's a little part of me that thinks, "Maybe it's a misunderstanding.  He's being cute and playful.  Maybe that's how the young guys are now, all off & on..." I will be strong.   I can be strong because I know that even if those little excuses were true, that's not what I want.  I really liked that he decided that he liked me and took a chance to contact me.  I liked that he actually showed up.  I liked that we seemed to get along well.  Certainly, I liked that he was a hottie.  I liked how I felt after he left.  I really didn't like that follow though.  I want a man who backs up what he says and does.  If he decided that he didn't like me enough to continue seeing me, he should have said that.  If he liked me enough to only see me once in a while, he should have said that (Lord, knows I don't have anything else going on...)  Unfortunately, now, even if he wanted anything like that, I couldn't possibly, even though under different  circumstances  I would totally be up for it, because now there is a major trust issue.  I can't trust him and that is not what I want.  Above hottie-ness, I want trust.

This Is Why I Am Single; I won't sacrifice trust.

Friday, February 10, 2017

He Don't Even Know - The Key Master

This is "Mario",
he's a swim instructor in Puerto Vallarta.
he really wanted to get me in the water,
but I was reluctant because I was afraid I'd lose my hotel room key.
He was kind enough to offer to wear it on a string
around his neck.
I was sold and let him get me all wet 
& show me some great strokes!
I felt safe with him
so, later, I let him put his key in my lock!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - Craft Night 2017

My favorite event of the year has come and gone.  This past weekend, I had an apartment full of friends and scissors, cutting & pasting and drinking & tasting!  There were so many people and so many cards!  
 ...And so many gays!
...and some real girls...

Honestly, I thought my little apartment might explode.  Luckily, we never got to the point of people crafting on the little patio out front.  I really enjoyed having a full house and scurrying about making sure that folks had enough to eat, drink & craft.

I played host so much, that I really didn't get a chance to craft with everyone else

Even so, I was pleased to see everyone showing off their work

...especially the naughty ones!


(I censored the naughty bits with stickers for sensitive eyes.)

Everyone seemed to have a great time, even though my special cocktail turned out to be a flop.  I followed a recipe that turned out badly and salvaged it by adding champagne.   I don't think there's anything that champagne can't help!  Well, there is that matter of not having anyone to give a Valentine to... "What about that nice looking guy who's stuck in Mexico, thanks to That Man," you ask?  More on that later.

This Is Why I Am Single; I still very much enjoy gathering with friends and cutting up!
Please, enjoy more pics!

And their cards

And my favorite of the night (By Billy Brooks)

After everyone left, I resisted going to a sexy party (Okay, I was too tired to try to get neked with another man- Also why I am single...) and crafted a few cards of my own.

 I guess I've been feeling more political than horny lately, so I guess this last one is my card of 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - Presidential Cock Block


I'm still ecstatic that my last encounter was actually not a Catfish incident!

Also, because I enjoyed meeting him, I thought I would do away with the "The ball is in your court" game playing and send him a non-threatening emoji message to let him know I was thinking about him.  I accidentally sent a really stupid looking one because I inadvertently tapped, when I meant to scroll. It was this awfully drawn "cupid" belly down, drawring circles in the sand.  Anyway, slightly embarrassed by the aesthetically displeasing cartoon message I sent, I anxiously awaited his reply, (perhaps a rainbow unicorn with tiny hearts fir eyes).  I few moments later I got his reply which was a message saying that he went to Puerto Villarta with friends and now can not return for 90 days.  I was a bit confused.  Did I think he was Latino?  I dont know what I thought, because actually and apparently, race doesn't mean that much to me.  A hottie is a hottie, am I right, DABs?
Anyway, he's in the US with a green card, but that's not enough to get him back in.
I shot back, "What'll you do? Where will you stay? What about work? Rent? Seeing me again?" To which he simply replied, "Ask Trump".

GODDAMMIT!!! I've been dubious about That Man from the beginning and actually think we are on the road to Naziland USA, and have worried about my rights as a GLBTQIFFPPPLMSNBRYCF American... I've always suspected that he will destroy this country!   But I never thought he'd actually cock block me! Look Orange Headed Asshole, I have enough obstacles in my romantic life!! I certainly don't need to have the only (available) guy to show interest in me in over a year to be detained in Mexico because you want US citizens to fear & hate Muslims, or people from Countries where Muslin folk live!  I'm sure this is no picnic for my suitor or the others of THOUSANDS of people affected by this dick show! I'm fuhrerous!!

Bur seriously folks, while I am mildly inconvenienced by this horrible action there are people whose lives have been turned upside down over this.  That Man's actions during his first 10 days in office have been mostly disruptive and destructive, designed to cause confusion and doubt while he and his cronies destroy our political system.  I hope this works out for those who are the pawns in this latest move, but I suspect, we'll see the chessboard flipped over, with all of us pieces strewn about before this entire mess is over.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - There You Go- A Guest Column

Here're a few words, from Muh DAB, Glenn Gaylord...

A Die Alone With Me Dot Com Guest Blog
by Glenn Gaylord

I have a friend who uses a mental egg timer for coffee dates. After fifteen minutes, he figures he can know enough about someone to decide if he would like to see them again or not. Either way, he cuts things off and thinks things over. I don’t know if that’s called speed dating or if it’s dating on speed, but the older I get, and the more protective I am of my time, the concept intrigues me more and more. While I don’t think I want to adhere to the strict 15 minute rule, I definitely can get on board with not wanting to spend more time than necessary with someone who literally makes my skin crawl. Oh wait, did I just refer to my latest coffee date? Why, yes I did!

It all started innocently enough with a nice little “You Like Each Other” notification on OK, CUPID, aka FU CUPID. He looked handsome and from his description, he checked off all the right boxes and had a clear sense of humor. When I gave him my number, he actually called. Who does that? Our conversation flowed wonderfully and I actually looked forward to meeting in person. Could this be the unicorn I’ve been seeking? In a word, “NO”. In two words, “HE-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L NO!”

I started looking outside the LA area for dates, because, well, you know…LA = Narcissism and Sociopathy when it’s not offering up Flakes. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit harsh and unfair, but…no…fuck it…it’s pretty accurate. So this guy scored major points because he lived near Long Beach and was willing to travel up my way to hang out.

Then the date happened…and the score reset to zero almost immediately. Maybe he didn’t like me or didn’t find me attractive, which is totally fine. To each his own. But his first move was to sigh heavily as I joined him at his table. On the plus side, he looked just as good in person, but his deflating personality kept overpowering the stuff in the PRO column. I thought I would start out by continuing a conversation we had while on the phone. He had mentioned struggling with a job search, so I asked if there had been any new developments in looking for work since last October.

His response: “October? What gave you the idea it was October? I’ve been jobless a lot longer than that! Plus, I’m taking care of my sick mother, so maybe it’s for the best that I’m not working. I don’t know. But I do know I don’t want to talk about this anymore and if something doesn’t change soon, I’ll probably put a gun to my head.”

Apologetic, I said perhaps I had misheard him and didn’t mean to upset him. Trying to lighten the mood, I added that if he ends up getting a job or puts a gun to his head, at least we knew the situation would get resolved either way. I got a chuckle out of him. The only chuckle.

Moving on, I asked him what he liked to do in his spare time. “Spare time?”, he asked, “What spare time? I’m out of work and taking care of my mother. What spare time do you think I have?!!” Swallowing my pride and the sour taste of “Dead Date”, I continued to ask him questions in a futile attempt to reignite the spark that clearly existed on our phone call. I noticed, however, that he had no curiosity in me. If I asked him how many siblings he had, he would croak out a response but not ask me the same thing. Instead, I would just awkwardly interject my information, which would prompt from him the following retort: “Well, there you go!”

There you go? What does that even mean? It’s been a pet peeve of mine when someone I don’t know well says that to me. If a good friend uses it, the implication could mean they know you so well and what you said was another example of your uniqueness. But when a new person hurls it at you, it feels like they’re not listening, dismissing your statement, or just filling the dead air. He “There You Go’ed” me a few more times. Thus, on this particular date, I took it as my cue to literally GO.

Often, when ending a date gone south, I’ll typically make an “I” statement: “I’m not feeling a strong connection here” or “I don’t feel comfortable”. But, in this moment, I felt the weight of all my considerable baggage and thought I’d use a potentially confrontational “you” statement for a change. What the hell? New year, new methods! So I looked him in the eyes, the two that seemed to be rolling since minute one, and said, “You look bored”.

“No,” he responded, “I’m just tired from the drive.”

Tired from the drive? What does he use, a Flintstone car????!!!!

“Maybe we could go for a walk,” he offered.

This felt as good a place as any to bring down the hammer with a monologue: “We could go for a walk, but I honestly don’t think that’s a good idea. The moment this coffee date started, you’ve thrown a lot of negative energy my way and haven’t shown any interest in me whatsoever. When I would impart some information about myself, your only response would be, “Well, there you go.” It doesn’t feel good, so I’m going to pass on that walk and leave right now. Take care.”

Maybe, like my DAB Danny says, this is why I’m single. Perhaps I didn’t give him enough of a chance. Things could have turned around on that little stroll. He may have perked up and asked me about my upbringing. People have lousy days and surely a guy who takes care of an ailing parent can’t be that bad, right? All true, but at my age, self-preservation mode kicks in really fast. Tick tock. Tick tock.

I didn’t look back. There I go!