Sunday, August 26, 2018

Getting Out - DTLA Proud 2018

You'll be very proud of me! You see, Drag Season is stretching on a bit and Chico's Angels will be hosting the stage tonight at DTLA Proud in fabulous Down Town Los Angels tonight from 7 to 10.  That means, I'll be spending the day getting in drag, transporting to the venue and performing without getting much of a chance to enjoy the festivities.  So yesterday, I was able to fight the urge to stay home & nap (or actually work on my talent portion of the big BEST IN DRAG SHOW only a month away!) and hopped a train to Pershing Square for the afternoon, into the evening!  It was a really good time!

The place was all decked out in Proud decor where people lounged

Played sports...

Visited community-based booths offering social/health services and other GLGBT
Shopped in a small section for local vendors, (where I purchased these fabu pins from Starrfucker Mag's booth...)

And just hung out having a lovely time...

There was even some Mario Diaz SUMMER TRAMP going on!

(Mario Diaz)

(The jumpy castle thingy)
And even though I was fine going alone, I ran into a few friends...
 (Omar Haro)

(Drew Staten)

And ended up spending a good part of the afternoon with my dear friends, Dennis Hensley and Jack Plotnick and Brett Glazer...

We had a blast.  We made our way over to Summer Tramp and frolicked in the clouds

And we enjoyed dancing to some funky tunes...

We enjoyed some fun prop/photo ops,

Then, we ran into more friends, like Bryan Thompson and Paulo Andino.

Then we enjoyed waiting for our food at the many tasty food trucks!

Also, the stage was occupied by some very talented, if not truly (intentionally) frightening characters!

(The Boulet Brothers)

(Kendra Onixx)


There were also hotties up there...
 (Tito Soto)

(The Wolf)

All in all it was a very pleasant experience, and reminded me of the Gay Pride events in West Hollywood 20 years ago, where it was more about the community coming together and less about popular corporate butt kissers and expensive festival pricing. 
Please enjoy more of the lovely sights...

I had a great time and plan to return next year! myself, if I'm not performing, like tonight...
and if I can get myself to leave my home!

BIG KISS DTLA Proud, until next year!

P.S. on the train home, I saw this cutie... I guess DTLA Proud will stay with me for a while.