Sunday, March 29, 2020


Social Distancing? Self-Quarantine?

I've been shut in at home since the the afternoon of March 17, when The City of West Hollywood sent us home away from possible exposure to the virus.  I've only left to get groceries.  To be honest, I haven't really minded be home all the time.  I'm so used to house/pet sitting so often that being home is still kind of fresh to me.  I thought I'd have to time to do so many things, but I've been keeping myself pretty busy... and not all with TV!  Working from home, at first, was spending the entire day by my laptop trying to get connected to GoToMyPC, taking meetings about how we're going to do what we need to do and constant emails from various departments and divisions figuring out what works and what doesn't... Then finally last Wednesday, I got hit with time sheets and logs and invoices... all needed to be done quickly and just organizing myself with the actual practice of 
getting it all done was painful.

I am social with family and friends via Marco Polo, which is like a video walkie-talkie.  I like that you can leave your video message and the recipient(s) can respond immediately or get to it later.  I find it a nice way to check in and let everyone know I'm still alive.  I've also been active with friends on other platforms to play You Don't Know My Life,

hang out,

or have a cocktail party!

I also embarked a project that has taken much more time than I anticipated- I reorganized all my Dunnys.  I had at least 5 boxes of Dunnys that weren't displayed, so I retired a great portion of my Dunny wall and replaced them with the newer sets.  I still have to figure out storage for the retired ones, where they can be safe and organized, hidden away until another great rotation, so my dining table is cluttered with grouped Dunnys and empty boxes (that a collector must save).  That means I can't live out the daytime fantasy of working on a huge jigsaw puzzle until I get the Dunnys all situated.

Surprisingly, I've not increased my on-line porn enjoyment.  In fact it might be a little less. I guess, without the busy schedule and my time a little more relaxed, I don't feel the pressure to enjoy it in the only chance I'll get (usually, just before sleeping).  Lately, I've been tiring myself out either staying up too late watching a movie or playing my newly rediscovered XBox One.  Seriously, it had been over a year or so since I had last turned it on (I was too busy!) now, If I'm not careful (Which I haven't been) I could stay up 'til 3:00 am making colorful things go >POP<.  It's stupid, but fun.  I allow it, since I'm still waking up within an hour, or so, of my regular wake-up time... perhaps it's because it's a lot easier to sneak in a nap, now.

(Cuphead: Don't Deal With the Devil)
Most importantly, I figured I'd have more time to write in my blog. (Yeah, I know they're dead.)
If so, why has it taken almost 2 weeks for me to post?  Well, I'm busy being busy!

Hopefully, more to come soon!