Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Single Perks - I Love the Movies!

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing someone's astonished face when I reveal that I love going to the movies alone.  Many people enjoy doing that, so I don't know what's astonishing about it, but I delight in their horror of even considering doing something like that alone.

I find it quite peaceful and enjoyable, sitting in a movie theater with no one at either side and no one trying to finish a conversation during the previews.  It also may be due to some trauma I experienced in my collage years when I was enjoying HOWARD'S END at the Fountain Theatre in Mesilla, New Mexico.

In those days, my home town of El Paso, Texas was not much an art house cinema haven, so there were many films we had to drive 45 minutes away, into another state, to see.  HOWARD'S END was one of them.  I was enjoying the movie very much (Not so much THE INHERITANCE on Broadway, based on this book) when it became very clear that two of the five of us were not enjoying the movie.  One of them actually went to the back of the house and took a snooze on the sofa by the snacks!  I spent the last half of the movie worrying that my friends were not having a good time.  Imagine how much more I would have enjoyed the movie if they weren't there.

Not much longer, two more friends and I went to see MILLER'S CROSSING on campus at the Student Union (Fortunately, the Union Programs Office was another source for artsy films).
Again, half way through this Coen Brothers movie, my two companions were making it very clear that they were not having a good time.  Their constant, very audible, sighs and obvious shifting in their seats was driving me nuts!  I, too, was having my patience tested by this particular Coen Brothers outing, but it was so hard to get into the movie and immerse myself in the world of gangsters with these two acting like they were on their third homily in a very special Sunday mass.  This time I was less worried for their amusement and more annoyed by their insistence that everyone around them know that they were bored and must suffer along with them. "NAY," I say, "NAY!"

Sure I've had great times seeing movies with groups of friends...
(...like when we went to see GODZILLA
and got photo-bombed by director Gareth Edwards & friend!)
But I find it much easier to enjoy myself, when I'm by myself.

To prove I'm not just some weirdo with a blog, HERE'S scientific proof, by way of Kayleigh Dray of STYLIST, that going to the movies alone is actually good for you!

Going to a movie and not worrying about anyone else but the shirtless guy on screen... Them's the perks!

Friday, February 14, 2020

I'm a Sucker For Love

Look!  I made y'all a card!!

Whether you're alone or just spending it with one of your Die Alone Buddies, 
I hope you have a splendid day!