Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Horrors of Easter!!


Quick! Grab a mask!

Actually, this year is going to better than last
because I'm going to my friend, Brett's, place to celebrate his Birthday!
Don't worry, too much... 
it'll be 9 people, mostly vaxed, and taking quick-tests before entry.
Then, I'll be coming home to help out with 
Dennis Hensley's MisMatch Game

I played last night and had a blast!
Tonight, I will be the Vanna White of the show, As Reba Areba,
and am sure I'll have a blast again.
You will, too!
If you wanna join you can get tickets 

So, despite the horror of Covid-19
haunting us for over a year now,
I'm going to have a nice Easter.

Since, it hasn't happened yet, 
Here's a nice Easter memory from 2000!