Wednesday, May 31, 2017

He Don't Even Know - Sir, Yes, Sir!

This is "Michael"
he is very forceful with me
and doesn't let me get away with anything!

This past Memorial Day
we had planned a picnic in the park.
I felt a little lazy and tried spreading a blanket
out on the living room floor
with the food spread out,
ready to play 
on the dvd player, 
but he had none of it!

He made me pack everything up, 
turn off the dvd player 
and get us all to the park.

I really did enjoy my time there with him,
and my favorite part was when he
let me nap in the sun light
using his thigh as my pillow.

We ate hot dogs.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Drag Queen World Series 2017

(Photo by Andrew Goetze)

With Drag Season in full swing, it occurs to me that I have not shared moments from Drag Queen World Series 2017!  As you know, one of the reasons I couldn't go on a date with anyone on this particular Saturday was that I was doing color commentary for this annual fundraising event, which benefits Life Group LA.  I had a great time with fellow Chico's Angel, Chita Parol (Ray Garcia)
calling plays and oogling the bat boys...

The Bat Boys


It's always a treat to watch these two teams go at it.  It's the West Hollywood Cheerleaders

going against The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

A drizzly morning didn't put a stop to anything as the players took the field

The game continued with support from Los Payasos as they kept the in & out fields busy

Often, apropos of nothing, dancing would break out

I'm not sure I could tell you who won, all I know is it was a blast and a great thing to be too busy with!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rainbow Days Are Here!

Please, forgive my lack of posting.
With Drag Season in full swing, 
I'm just so busy
(Too busy for love, you know)!

Enjoy this pic, then hop on over to 
So that you don't miss our show this weekend!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Getting Out - Fancy Eats

It occurred to me that I neglected to tell you about one of my adventures in New York!
Now, I've been going to New York regularly, every year since 2007 or so, and in between SUNSET BLVD and THE LITTLE FOXES this last visit, I realized that I had never eaten at Sardi's!

I popped right on over and with no problem, got a nice table in the main dining room.  The thing is, since this restaurant is famous for being a celebrity hang out, everyone turned to look to see who was being escorted to a table.  I'm sure they were trying to figure out if I was famous or not, but it started to feel like they were staring at me because I was being seated ALONE.  Being single for most of my adult life, I have no problem with dining solo, but this is the first time I ever felt like people were watching me do it.

Seated among and beneath the world famous caricatures of Broadway's biggest stars, and seemingly in a spotlight, I wondered why I had never been there before.   I shook out the old noodle and found ideas that it was "too fancy" and probably "too expensive" for the likes of me.  I am amazed at how sometimes I will have little revelations about why I have never done some things.  It is because I have in the back of my head the idea that I can't afford it or don't deserve it.  I'm even more amazed because, when I realize it about one thing, I assume that ALL of those thoughts are banished, until I find myself seated somewhere like Sardi's.   With those thoughts firmly out of my mind, I ordered my favorite drink, Campari and Soda.

Then, after making sure it is all Gluten-Free, I go with a prix frixe mesclun salad 
and a chicken dish,

followed by a delightful Tahitian Vanilla Bean Crème Bruleè.

It was a lovely meal! So lovely I didn't feel singled out anymore.  As a matter of fact, I realized that single gay men must be a very common clientele.  I mean, this is a New York, Broadway centered restaurant.  Of course, there's always single gay men eating alone here.  If there weren't, would they even have these cute little tables, clearly sized to accommodate one person.  I mean look at the gay sitting next to me...
...Obviously gay and clearly single. 
(No, I didn't try to hook up.  I had a THE LITTLE FOXES ticket!)

All in all, it was a nice time and I'm glad I got out and didn't end up somewhere like Sbarro's ( if) since my favorite in-between shows haunt, Angus McIndoe, went away.

I couldn't help wondering if I would ever have my own caricature up on the wall there someday (at 49 years old, unlikely, but not impossible!) and until then, I'd just have to be happy with eating in my dining room, alone, gazing at my caricature (quick sketch actually), of me as Frieda Laye, drawn by fabulous artists Glen Hanson!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - Resting Bitter Face

When you do a show, sometimes you do interviews.
Sometimes you wonder, "Do I have ANY good pictures?"

While publicizing Chico's Angels' Memorial Day Weekend show, VIVA LA CHICAS
(It drives me nuts!! I know it should be "LAS"...) I did an interview for Better Lemons.

I really enjoyed answering these questions, but I'm not excited about that lead photo...
Unflattering photos and poor Spanish grammar: This Is Why I Am Single

Monday, May 15, 2017

He Don't Even Know - In the Swim of Things

This is "Luis"
He's happy because pool season 
is upon us!
He loves to swim!
These last few Los Angeles days
have been pretty chilly, 
but that hasn't stopped him.
He dives in, as long as I am there
to warm him up again when he 
comes out!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - Crown Me

So, 'member that post about the cute dentist who made me feel old by not knowing a certain doctor joke of a certain age..?  Well, let me tell you!  I was fortunate enough to have one of my crowns crumble right out of my mouth, (Jordan Almonds, much?) and I had to go back to the office.  I sit in my chair, ready to feel like Methuselah, again, when all of a sudden the assistant comes up to me and Dr. CutieGinger, DDS. and asked if we've ever heard of a show called THREE IS COMPANY.  Well I clutch my little metal ball chain what holds my bib in place, trying not to answer too quickly, thus seeming old AND desperate.  Then Dr. CutieGinger, DDS says, "THREE'S COMPANY? Yeah, of course I know it."  I feel a sudden rise; maybe he's not THAT young and I'm not THAT old.  Just to feel like I'm in with the Kool kidz, I says, "Yeah, I used to watch that every Tuesday night."  There's suddenly a cold, silent & awkward pause, as if someone had Fabreezed the room with Novocain.  Dr. CutieGinger, DDS breaks the silence with, "Oh, I watched old reruns on TV Land."  UGH!!  Did I ruin it?  Did I scare off the Kool Kidz by admitting I was a first-run watcher?  I just wished everything would fast forward and to the part where I'm quiet and his hands are in my mouth.

One minute later, I was sitting quietly with his hands in my mouth, when the assistant up and leaves the room to get something.  Then, the teensiest little hairs on my my ear start standing.  They were anticipating the brush of soft, warm breath as Dr. CutieGinger, DDS leans in and whispers in my ear, "You know, I asked him the other day, if he had heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  He said he hadn't.  Can you believe that?"  I went all weak in the tongue! I couldn't believe it; Dr. CutieGinger, DDS actually shared a story with me about how young his assistant is.  There I was, feeling like I was in THE CLUB!  Was it the He's Younger Than Us Club? The I Know Old Stories Club?  The I Just Want To Kiss You Club???  I didn't know!  I didn't care!  I was just so excited that I felt like he wanted to win me over.  And he did!

Golly!  As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know how nice it feels when someone pulls you into their circle- never mind I have no idea what that circle is or if it even exists outside of that moment!  I also know that Dr. CutieGinger, DDS made me feel so good, that I didn't mind sitting in that chair for about 40 minutes with sharp metal things dancing around in it.  I also didn't mind that my insurance didn't cover replacement of a crown under five years of age.  I just knew that Dr. CutieGinger, DDS and I will always have The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Drag Con Day Two

Day two of Drag Con was just as fun as day one, but left me super exhausted!
While I mope around, recovering, I'll have memories of these hotties to boost me up.
I think my biggest (or largest) boost was touching Boomer Banks twice!!
...and these guys

As much as my feet are throbbing, I can't wait to see what (who) Drag Con 2018 has in store!