Thursday, November 24, 2022

Eat Me

This is why I am single


Monday, November 7, 2022

Drag Season - Palm Springs Pride

It feels like there are Gay Pride events
happening all year around!
I don't think that's wrong,
especially now, as the far right
is trying to drag us back decades
to when all the hard fought for
rights and acceptance for us did not exist.

This November, 
I celebrate Gay Pride by donning
accidentally deranged drag
and hopping on a float.

What had happened was this;
Last year I got a text asking if I would like to join 
on their float.
As excited as I was, I could not, as I was dog sitting over the weekend.
(Ironically, I was dog sitting for guys who went to Palm Springs for the Pride weekend.)
 This year,
I made note to keep Palm Springs Pride open on my calendar
so that I could excitedly reply, 
"Boy Howdy, Yes! I would love to!"
Well, I didn't get an invitation,
prolly 'cause they had plenty of queens.
But I kept the weekend open...
so I invited myself.
Look, I won in 2018 and I wanna do my part
to continue helping out the organization and 

Usually the group of queens
stay in a house, get a good night's sleep
then wake in the morning, slap on their faces
and head over to the parade.
Since I invited myself,
I wasn't privy to the fancy housing.
So, I stayed in West Hollywood, woke up extra early, beat my face,
(it looks literal)
and drove two hours to Palm Springs 
before the 9:30am gathering time.

Let's discuss the drag...
Reba Areba looks deranged!

Now, I didn't really look at my "look"
before putting it together the morning of...
it all worked in my head:
Float is a boat, swim/lounge wear, 
sun hat,
wig that accommodates hat. 
Got it.

Maybe it all started going wrong when I decided to add
the lower lashes just 'cause...
also, it doesn't help that I can't ever get my right lashes to not flop forward.
Actually, it doesn't look all that crazy until I add the 
the super curly red wig
and the hat.
Anyway, my look went from 
"Possibly cute" to
"This is what happened to Baby Jane" 

I must remind myself to put everything together before I leave the house,
just in case I have to make some mitigating adjustments.
Instead, I changed into my swim suit next to a porta-potty
outside the Palm Spring Visitor's Center
and didn't put the wig & hat on until I was parked on Indian Canyon Drive.
So, there was really nothing I could do at that point,
but embrace it and enjoy a deranged ride on a boat float.

This is a photo I stole from someone.
Anyway, that's us
Best In Drag Show;
Glamour & nutz!

Here are the fab gurlz who were gracious enough to let me ride the boat:

Madison Square Garden,
Best In Drag 2022 winner!

And here are some lovely people I saw in the street,
who didn't run when they saw me...

After the parade,
we made our way over to 
for a delicious brunch!

Afterwards, they headed off for more Pride events
and I headed home before I got spotted & committed.

All in all, it was a lovely day
and I got some shots
of parade goers and shirtless men.
You may enjoy these photos, if you'd like.
Just remember,
as you peruse the pics
that we CAN NOT take for granted
the rights, freedoms and level of acceptance that we have today!
Please, VOTE!
Vote for the people who will actually represent you and your best interests
and vote AGAINST oppression!

And now, this:

Jason Stewart & Terry Ray

Luis Camacho Xtravaganza