Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Pre-Birthday Adventure!

Say, Kidz!  I'm off to Palm Springs today to start my birthday weekend off with heat and limited sugar cocktails!!  Okay, just one.  ...Don't wanna aggravate the Type 2 Diabetes.  Wrestling with getting older is FUN!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

From The Interwebs - Pound For Pound, It's true!

I don't know how much I still believe from my religious upbringing, but I do know that I believe there's something to this Astrology stuff.  As a Triple Libra, I find a great deal of the web thingy I saw on the Facebooks, to be true!  I don't know how many fellow Libras find these things true about themselves, but isn't amazing that the time of year you wear born determines a lot of your personalities traits? It's also a great subject to bring up when you're hinting that your birthday is coming up very soon!   OCTOBER 3

Thursday, September 22, 2016

F.U. Cupid - Can't Judge By Looks

I realize that I can be an ass about things, but come on!!   If you're going to have an on-line dating profile, you gotta have a photo.  If I get a message from someone without a photo, I immediately wonder what they are hiding.  If they are worried that I won't find them attractive, they SHOULD be!  I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't want to date anyone who didn't find me attractive.  So, hit me with your best (head) shot!  I might surprise you and find you attractive. So, let's get that out of the way up front.  Also, I'm not going to respond to someone I'm 95% fearing is actually Nathan Lane looking to get some--ICK!

Worse,yet, it really bothers me when someone doesn't realize I'm being as ass about things.  Click on the pic, make it larger so you can read the exchange.  I can't be with someone who doesn't KNOW.  I obviously went the rude route and instead of simply ignoring, responded with smart-asshole abandon.  Who would read my response and not think, "Wait?  I don't have a picture up, why do you say I'm good looking? Are you making fun of me, Rizz?" and then return the compliment?  I'll tell you who, the guy I'm not going to spend a dinner with, explaining my jokes, then trying to edit myself down to stuff I think he'll understand.  I know I'm tragically single.  I know I haven't been on a date in a long time.  Those facts are not going influence me to go on a date with some random, faceless guy, who wouldn't know sarcasm if it crawled up his ass and bloomed!  I'm not THAT alone.

Yes, he's probably a nice guy and I should consider that.  I did consider it and I also don't want to go out with someone who'd let me walk all over him.  I would have responded better to him if he had replied, "Ha ha, funny, asshole.  Here's my pic, so you'll know you were right without seeing it first.  Let's have a drink".  I really would have appreciated that.  And if he's a nice guy, who doesn't know any better, I've probably frustrated him and driven him to create his own blog about the troubles of dating.  Good for him, something to distract him from his inability to recognize sarcasm.

I'm fairly certain that I didn't hit "send" with my second response. I felt like an asshole enough with the first one and if he just didn't get it, who am I to make him feel bad for not getting it?  I left it so that with no response, there's a chance that I got hit by a truck and killed, before we could have a romance, marry and adopt faceless children.  I think he liked that better.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - Just Watch Me, Big Brother!

I'm making headway!  Since I posted about my diagnosis as a Type 2 Diabetic, I've lost 10 neked pounds!  In 3 weeks, I've been able to reduce my fattiness to a point that gives me encouragement to go on to more loss.  Nobody has asked me how I did it, so I'll tell you!  I actually started moving.  Yes, it's that simple.  I started actively walking.  Of course, I'm watching what I eat, eat smaller portions and try to eat throughout the day, but I think the biggest change is the moving.  Of course, running around for two hours in a hot basement, wearing pantyhouse and a wig sure helped with the first  few pounds...

...but since my co-worker Cynthia (Not her real name) (Okay, it is her real name) showed me that my iPhone counts steps, I've been crazy about getting those numbers up to or passed the 10,000 steps a day recommendation.  So, on the way home from work I'll take the  l o n g  way home and go uphill to Sunset to my chosen harmless dinner destination.  Along my walks, I've gotten to know my city a little better.  I've seen the soon (?) to be demolished House of Blues, dying alone.

 I've also seen my local fire department enjoying some Pinches Tacos!

I get a good number of steps in this way, and I also get to pay a little attention to some of the neglected songs on my iPod.

I've had a great time thinking of fun ways to get my steps in.  They've included:
Walking around the Public Market in Seattle,

Walking around Disneyland for a day,

And going for walks with muh DAB, Dennis and his impossibly cute pup, Enzo!

This morning, I'm walking over to the Grove with muh DAB, Brett to catch a viewing of the SUICIDE SQUAD
I simply MUST see what everybody is hating about!

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I've learned to embrace any excuse to get a few steps in before the end of the day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Too Busy To Post - Summer is Slipping Away!

I'm not dead!
I busy making sure Summer ends correctly for me.
I'll be back soon!
Please enjoy this hot bear guy enjoying Summer right, in my stead!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Too Busy For Love - Selling My Wares

One would think that now that the show is over, I'd have more time for the pursuit of love, but they'd be wrong.  This weekend, I'm heading to Bainbridge, just outside of Seattle, Washington, to assist Kay Sedia with a Tupperware party.
The fellas who put this together asked Kay if Frieda would join in the fun.  Kay asked me and I thought, "I've never been to Bainbridge, they're paying for flight & accommodations... why not?"  So here I am, heading out on a free weekend trip to the beautiful North of me and all I gotta do is put on a dress for a few hours.  That's nice.  Who knows, maybe I'll meet a fella who's interested in my airtight seal!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - Defeated

I wasn't kidding when I said that show was kicking my ass...
Alright, the photo is a bit posed and hyperbolic, but it isn't that far from the truth.   The constant action on stage and heat under the lights, in a wig and in the tight dressing room really drained me.  When I started doing this show 13 years ago, it didn't task me so.  Well, I recently discovered that age and heat were not the only reason I was having trouble.  My physician, Dr. Blueeyes, called and left me a message.  My check-up results came in and it turns out I am officially a Type 2 Diabetic.
So, you'll be relieved to learn that we won't be suffering anymore "Wah wah wah, I'm fat, poor me..." posts.  I've yet to speak to Dr. Blueeyes, but I'm hoping he'll let me have six weeks to turn things around before we start me on medication.  You see, I wasn't exaggerating when I've said I haven't been to the gym in at least two years.  I'm hoping that if I actually start up the working out & fitness stuff, I'll be able to reverse the damage.  I've had a continuing conversation with a friend of mine whom also struggles with weight.  I call it the "What Will It Take?" talk.   When I was first told I was Pre-Diabetic, I didn't change my behavior much. That diagnosis wasn't enough to at least get me to the gym?  Then he had a health scare, which didn't change his behavior for very long.  Recently we had a friend lose a chunk of his foot to diabetes! What will it take?  Well, I hope I can call this new development "What it took".

On the positive side, when we started the show, I was weighing in at 208 and this morning I was at 202.  See? All that sweating on stage was good for something;  I got a little head start!
Today, after work, I started a walking regime and did a 40 minute walk around town with my iPod, ending at Guisados, where I was fairly certain I couldn't do too much damage after my walk.
Also, I was gonna wait until after my birthday in October, but I guess I have to start my Recreate Geoff at 50 Project a little early.  So, as a Gay of A Certain Age I've come to a point that when I feel defeated, I must rebound and appreciate that 2 goals are better than one!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Too Busy To Post - Almost Done!

Thank you for your patience! Today is our last day for this run.  It's a double header, then we gotta get our stuff out of the theater when we're done.  I oughta be home by midnight, with tomorrow off (Thank the Volcano God!) I'm having a blast, running ragged and suffering seeing this monkey man all the while!  More soon...

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Too Busy to Post-Still Running

OMG, you guys!  I'm running myself ragged.  I'll post something real soon; we're done with the show after 3pm & 8pm performances today and tomorrow!

I promise some really disappointing news!