Friday, May 31, 2019

Too Busy For Love - DragCon 2019 Day 2

Now, I couldn't call myself Too Busy For Love if I hadn't gone to Rupaul's Dragcon a second day in entirely different drag, could I?  Yeah, I woke up early, slapped on some drag and headed back to LA Convention Center. 

Once there, I headed over to the conference room for the first order of business, catching Frank Decaro moderating the Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business Panel.

The panel included Drew Droege, Leslie Jordan,
Party Monster, James St. James,

and the lovely & talented Coco Peru!

It was a lovely and informative panel. I thought Frank did a great job with questions and keeping all the panelists' talk time spread out pretty evenly.  James St. James was the only panelist I had never met, but he dashed out right after the panel, leaving me unacquainted.   Don't think just because I know these people, it stopped me from getting another pic with them!

Frank Decaro

Coco Peru

Leslie Jordan

I also snagged a pic with Jim Colucci

Afterwards, I hit the Drag floor for fun times and fun pics

I got a pic of me doing my best Stevie Nicks

And, of course, I bumped into some fabulous people...

Glen Alen

The biggest surprise for me was seeing RuPaul actually there, above the main stage, spinning tunes!

and, yeah, there were some hotties, there, too...

If you wanna see the underwear models & other scantily clad mens, click HERE

After the Dragcon fun times, my day was only half done, I still had to join my friend, Brett Freedman for his surprise bachelor party!

We surprised Brett at a friend's apartment...

Then loaded him back into the elevator...

Then whisked him off to the Hollywood Bowl for the 80's MIX TAPE TOUR

It was a lovely night of great music, drinks, a little rain and great company!
Boy was I exhausted!  ...but not too busy for the love of friends!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Too Busy For Love - DragCon 2019

Hello, Gentle Reader(s)!  I know you haven't heard from me in ages, but I've been terribly busy!  ...And if you haven't heard from me, what are the chances that any future boyfriends have?  NONE!

As if dog sitting these cuties for a few weeks...

as well as this cutie and his two feline brothers for a few weeks...

 ...isn't time consuming enough, I've also hit Drag Season really hard.
The latest Drag Season event to steal my time is RuPaul's DragCon 2019.  I went on Saturday to promote, our latest Chico's Angels show, FLY, CHICA, FLY!

Of course, I enjoyed walking around and running into some of my favorite people...

Actor Ray Santiago and film maker Darren Stein 

My delicious friends, including Kirsten Vangsness

(Who was one of the judges of Best In Drag Show who crowned me winner!)

Emmy Winning Make-up and Hair genius, Glen Alen

Comic genius and sweetheart, Alec Mapa

The delicious and sweeter than you think, Willam

My Lovely friends, Lupe and Michelle

Two top selling authors, Jim Colucci and Frank DeCaro

(Who put me in his best selling book 
                                    Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business

 Fabulously hard working Nazi puncher,
Morgan McMichaels

Latest lady to take the drag world by storm Love, Connie
(dear friend, John Cantwell)

I also took some pictures with some hotties who were wandering around...

I had fun at a few of the photo set ups...

And there were some people in drag there, too...

There also a lot of random hot mens walking around...

To see more of the underwear model types, you'll have agree not to be offended by bare tushes & bulgy things and click HERE