Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!!!

Hello!  It appears that I have survived 2020 alone... or survived 2020 BECAUSE I was alone, 
so, "Yay!" on both fronts!

 May 2021 ease us back into some sense of normality, or least a weaker strain of Suckiness.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Horror Holidays 2020!

Hello, Gentle Reader,
     Along with a new, gayer Christmas tree, I've put up a smaller Spewky Christmas tree and I wanted you to see that, too!

As you know I really enjoy the Horror and the Disneyland, so I bought a couple of cute ornaments when I succumbed to that gas they pump into the air at Disneyland that makes you want to buy, buy, buy!  Little did I know that this innocent little Jack Skellington ornament from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS would lead to so much more.

After this found its way onto my Christmas tree, I had to get it friends...

Then, sometime in September, I was at Son of Monster Palooza promoting my show PERFECT HALLOWEEN...

...when I saw the cutest ornaments, I just had to get them!  Plus, I do enjoy supporting the crafters!

These two are by Shannon Van Pelt

After that, it's as if someone was reading my mind, or spying on my browsing habits... and I somehow found my way to HORRORnaments and bought enough of them to put up a Halloween tree! I actually bought the tree from them.  Then, I thought, 'why take down the tree?' and I ended up with these Horrornaments with the others through Christmastime...

And, because I also love Dunnys, I plunked my Krampus Dunny down at the base of the tree.

Because I'm working from home on account of the Covid, I see this all day everyday, because it shares my dining table with my workspace. 

I feel so lucky to share my Gay Tree and Horror Holiday Tree with you and hope that I've spread a little bit of holiday cheer in this year of suckiness!


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Friday, December 18, 2020

Merry Solo Christmas - Welcome To My Usual!

 Hello, gentle readers!

Happy Holidays!!  THIS YEAR SUCKED!  ...And because this year sucked and we're still going through the Covid-19 shitstorm, experts and officials are insisting we stay home and not gather with people outside of our households.  As a household of one, that means I'll be spending the holidays alone.  It also means BUSINESS AS USUAL!  Come on people, stop your whining, put on a mask and sit alone for a little while!  I do it every year!

Okay, to be honest, I usually fly home to El Paso, Texas, stay with my besty, Ted, visit family and enjoy the holiday for a few days.  Then, I fly back to my West Hollywood apartment and sit alone again.  As you know from previous years, usually I'm the only one to see my Christmas tree in person.  I usually entertain myself with holiday music, food and movies.  I look forward to annual parties & gatherings with different groups, but this year that won't happen.  If it does, it'll be via Zoom.  I'm okay. I'm used to that.  All I'm saying is that if I can do this every year, YOU CAN DO IT FOR ONE.  Please, stay in, avoid gatherings of people and wear a mask when you go out.  Certainly, it's easier to preach it, than do it, so if you do go against recommended behavior, do it carefully. 

Now, the actual reason I'm here...

Does my tree look gay to you?

This year I went a little nutso supporting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and bought a few Broadway themed ornaments by Glen Hanson...

I got the Grand Dame, Angela Landsbury
as Mame riding the moon

Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad

Carol Burnett as Princess Winnifred

Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice

I'm saving Glenn Close in SUNSET BOULEVARD for next year...
Is that gay?

How about these new ones?

It all started last year with the blue merman I got to commemorate our Halloween picture

Then, next thing I know, this year, there's a bunch of shirtless hunky guys in my tree!
Then, there's this...
Jackie Beat has been a tree treat since 2018, or earlier

Yeah, Broadway, shirtless hunks & drag queens...  I think my tree is sufficiently gay this year.

Here's my favorite ornament
a Mark Ryden Snow Yak

I was so excited to get this, because, usually, when I try to buy something by Mark Ryden, it sells out in 30 seconds and then can instantly be found on ebay at a $300, or more, mark up.  Assholes.

So, here are a few other "new to the tree" ornaments to fill out the Christmas tree, which I bought as souvenirs from travel or to support local artists...

Of course, you saw the cover photo for this post - Santa wearing a mask and if you look at his hat, you'll see that the ball is broken.  I was disappointed when it arrived at my home broken, but then I thought, "No, that's about right."   So up it went AS IS.

Thank you for taking the time time to see my tree and make me feel a little less alone