Monday, December 31, 2018

This Why You Are Single.... New Year's Eve To Do

Say, kids, if you're in the L.A. area and gots no plans, but don't wanna sit at home alone, there's this!
I'll be there giving plenty TMI and sussing out who's the one with the story about goosing Jane Wiedlin of the GoGo's...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Holidaze!

People, you wouldn't believe how busy I've been!  I'd say from September to now, I've been moving at such a speed that my body finally kicked my ass and knocked me down for two days!  With an already busy schedule, I've performed in a few Chico's Angels shows, both in Los Angeles and Palm Springs and competed in and won a drag beauty pageant, visited New York and tried very hard to view materials to nominate actors for the SAG awards. ( I was on the TV nominating committee and let me tell you, there is just too much great television out there!)  Rehearsals, performances, meetings and a few social obligations have kept me too busy to post, too busy to keep my home in order and certainly, too busy for love!  I spent two days in bed with a cold/exhaustion and have spent the last few days in El Paso for the Christmas, clutching my Dayquil and trying not to hack up too much.  I'm having a nice time with family and friends, but I was grateful for this brief moment to myself, which has allowed me to finally post something here, and in a few minutes, take a nap!

I am so behind in photo editing, but believe me, I have some great shots to share with you, like these two from Palm Springs Pride in November!

Sadly, I'm actually still editing pics from Long Beach Pride in MAY!  I am so far behind!
Well, I might as well share a fresh May edit, right?
Anyway, I've had a very busy year and hopefully I'll be back more frequently to share with you the tragedies and delights of being single and looking for someone to die alone with! 


Friday, November 23, 2018

A Turkey Weekend Greeting

Don't worry folks, I wasn't alone on this feasting day!
Along with these fine folks, I had other special friends and
amazing family members in my heart.

Though I may die alone, I am grateful for all the people in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

From the Interwebs - Great Tip!

(Click to enlarge)
I found this on the interwebs.  It's a really great idea, I always worry about something happening to me at a time that I am dogsitting.  I might have to take this idea and create one for myself.
I don't pet sit all that often, so I'm also going to make one that I can use all the time, 24/7.

(Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Which Craft?

Hey!! I'm not dead, but I'm dead exhausted!  Too busy to post and definitely too busy for love!!
I've had a whirlwind year and currently I am in the midst of a drag hurricane!  I've been with the drag stuff taking a great portion of my time, I've barely had a chance to breath. ...And go to New York for a weekend.  BUT... just because I'm currently working my full time job and rehearsing two shows, it doesn't mean I can't spend my few precious moments of alone time crafting a few Halloween cards!  I made a few especially for you, my dear Reader(s) (s?)!

Please enjoy these sexy but disturbing cards I made with my own hands, scissors and glue sticks to whisk me away from my overstuffed schedule.

Do you have a favorite?  I can't decide which I like most; the beefy zombie, the hung skull or just getting some Pinhead.  Whichever one you like the most, have a

What am I rehearsing for?  Oh, well, if I must say, it's these 2 shows!

We are doing Episode 5 of Chico's Angels at the Colony Theatre in Burbank for one weekend and our Christmas Variety Show on Thanksgiving weekend in Silverlake, in our home, The Cavern Club Theater.  Of course, you can get tickets at Chico's Angels' website.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - The Unflattering Shot To The Heart

First, sorry for my long absence, I've been really busy doing stuff, which I hope I don't neglect to tell you about... I still haven't even shown you stuff from July!  Anyway, I thought I'd share this really quickly, while it is in the moment...

During one of my Too Busy For Love nights out, I saw one of my favorite women, Deven Green, seated across the room.  I thought I would literally slip in really quickly to say Hi and remind her how much I love her.  I crossed and wedged myself between her and the armrest of the love seat she was sitting in, chatting to a pal.  As we were exchanging pleasantries, the event photographer came up to take a couple of pics.  I thought, 'Goodness, what an awkward position I am in, but I do love a pic with Deven.' And just like that, Click Flash, Snap Flash, a few pics were taken and we moved on.  I thought, 'Those probably aren't very flattering, but I'm sure event photographer won't post those if they're unflattering.'  Today...
BAM! Right on my Facebook page, where everyone can see..!  Me, with multiple double chins and a gut that makes Santa Clause look like Jack Skellington!  ...But, I wasn't even entirely on the sofa!  I had an armrest pushing my back forward..!  There's no place for me to put my left arm!  I didn't even get to suck it in!  I couldn't!
It's so unflattering!!!

But, I left the pics up.  I didn't ask the photographer to take them down... I didn't even untag myself.  I have decided that unflattering pictures are a part of life.  And if I don't want unflattering pictures of me, I should work at not being unflatterable (Fuck you, I know it's not a word! It's my blog!).  These pics don't make me look overweight, I AM overweight.  I have to work at accepting myself for how I am, or if I can't do that, work at changing how I am.  

Also, in the photographer's defense, the event is for a video release for the song ROUND IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES by Tom Goss.  It's about loving round men and shows how attractive he finds them.  It's why I wore the T-shirt I chose wear!  It has a man and a bear hugging- drawn by artist Raogui...

So the pictures are up, I'm tagged in them and everyone can see them.  If I don't love myself at my current weight, why should I stop someone else from doing it?

This Is Why I Am Single; sometimes, I let unflattering pictures of me stay posted on Facebook.
(Also, sometimes I go on angry, parenthetical, rants!)

Please enjoy the music video HERE.

Now, please, enjoy MY pics of the event, which we carefully chosen and edited by ME.
(Some are blurry or too blown out to stay in color... I think I hate my iPhone camera)

(The Lovely and talented Tom Goss)

(Ross Carrillo & Robert Sanchez - the Prof in the video)

(Jim Key)

(Tom Goss)

(Photgrapher, Dusti Cunningham)

(Jeb Havens, Me, Matt Zarley, Dennis Hensley)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Gay of A Certain Age - Spanked To the Bank

Hello, Gentle Reader!  The photo above is me, in a dress, enjoying the company and touch of Boomer Banks.  I'm happy and excited in the pic because I enjoy Boomer's work.  He's what the kids these days call, a "Gay Porn Star".  Do the math; that means I watch the gay porn.  And, since I'm rarely naked with anyone else, I've been prone to "wax nostalgic" while watching said entertainments. It's not a secret, I posted about it in a post called Plowers In the Attic 2; If There Be Porns.  Why is this any of your business?  Well, really, it's not, but I have recently received an email threatening to release actual video of me "waxing nostalgic" whilst watching one of these art films!  Apparently, they have somehow obtained one of my passwords, which they used in the subject line of the threatening email to get my attention, then used the password to hack my laptop and turn on my camera!  They have taken that footage and made a video for blackmail, which they will distribute to everyone in my contact list, unless I pay them $2,000 in bitcoins!  Whatever shall I do???

Not a gosh-darned thing!  Listen people, as a Gay of A Certain Age, I've decided that I have no shame about "waxing nostalgic" and if a video of it gets out, and people don't turn it off as soon as they see what it is, then, ENJOY!!!  You wanna watch me enjoy movies like SPECIFIC RIM or THE JUST ASS LEAGUE or THE HOUSE WITH A COCK IN ITS WALLS or HEAD PULL 2?  Have at!  I refuse to be ashamed of something as natural as self pleasure or to give in to someone trying to intimidate me with shame!  Also, it's very unlikely that the video exists, since I don't watch these movies on my lap top, I find that key strokes don't go with other strokes.  I prefer to use my very portable iPad, which I can just snap shut and fall asleep next to.  I also have the little lens covered with a Hello Kitty sticker, to ensure my privacy.  I'm fairly confident nothing will come of this.  Also, I found this article to be a morale booster! 

So, I will continue to enjoy the specialty films featuring some of my favorite specialty actors to my hard's content.  As a matter of fact, I'll even share some of my very own photos of the guys I call THE WATCH MEN!

(Chris Rockway will probably be my all time favorite for all time)

Marcus Mojo

Samuel O'Tooole

Michael Brandon

Arad Winwin

Adam Champ & Carlo Masi

(This pic is about Adam Killian, who is pelvis thrusting behind Danny Bonaduce- 
yes, THAT Danny Bonaduce)
(The third, licking party is, yet, unidentified)

Well enough of this... I need to go wax nostalgic about the time I was tea bagged by Chris Rockway!

So, if you get an email from me with a video attached and you choose to watch, please let me know if they gave me any groovy music in the background, if they put up a list of credits and if my name is on top or bottom of the title. Thanks!

Friday, September 14, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Dream Weaver

I found the following on a dating site:

Here is my dream list (which I dont expect to find in one man...but very willing to be wrong):
* an intellectual jock (any age),
* bottom-verse,
* passionate about a humanistic profession,
* emotionally steady, financially modest, great communicator, healthy habits, consistent disposition,
* shorter, darker, and beefier than me, with short hair or a bald head
* beard, mustache, or scruffy,
* enjoys some sexual creativity (e.g. leather gear, toys, role-play, etc).

Yeah, why not just add "*spews Queso Dip when he cums" and "*farts sugar cookie scented glitter"!

Yes, I want those things, also, and it's frustrating because I think all of that is unattainable in one package.  BUT, if I apply those things to myself, I find I'm at least 90% of that list!  Aren't I?  If so, why doesn't the guy who made this list want me, or why can't I find a me for a me???

This is why I am single; While I find that my dream list isn't necessarily impossible, why can't I be it for someone or date myself???

P.S. I'm not sure what financially modest means, does that mean doesn't make a lot of money? Because... yeah!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Getting Out - DTLA Proud 2018

You'll be very proud of me! You see, Drag Season is stretching on a bit and Chico's Angels will be hosting the stage tonight at DTLA Proud in fabulous Down Town Los Angels tonight from 7 to 10.  That means, I'll be spending the day getting in drag, transporting to the venue and performing without getting much of a chance to enjoy the festivities.  So yesterday, I was able to fight the urge to stay home & nap (or actually work on my talent portion of the big BEST IN DRAG SHOW only a month away!) and hopped a train to Pershing Square for the afternoon, into the evening!  It was a really good time!

The place was all decked out in Proud decor where people lounged

Played sports...

Visited community-based booths offering social/health services and other GLGBT
Shopped in a small section for local vendors, (where I purchased these fabu pins from Starrfucker Mag's booth...)

And just hung out having a lovely time...

There was even some Mario Diaz SUMMER TRAMP going on!

(Mario Diaz)

(The jumpy castle thingy)
And even though I was fine going alone, I ran into a few friends...
 (Omar Haro)

(Drew Staten)

And ended up spending a good part of the afternoon with my dear friends, Dennis Hensley and Jack Plotnick and Brett Glazer...

We had a blast.  We made our way over to Summer Tramp and frolicked in the clouds

And we enjoyed dancing to some funky tunes...

We enjoyed some fun prop/photo ops,

Then, we ran into more friends, like Bryan Thompson and Paulo Andino.

Then we enjoyed waiting for our food at the many tasty food trucks!

Also, the stage was occupied by some very talented, if not truly (intentionally) frightening characters!

(The Boulet Brothers)

(Kendra Onixx)


There were also hotties up there...
 (Tito Soto)

(The Wolf)

All in all it was a very pleasant experience, and reminded me of the Gay Pride events in West Hollywood 20 years ago, where it was more about the community coming together and less about popular corporate butt kissers and expensive festival pricing. 
Please enjoy more of the lovely sights...

I had a great time and plan to return next year! myself, if I'm not performing, like tonight...
and if I can get myself to leave my home!

BIG KISS DTLA Proud, until next year!

P.S. on the train home, I saw this cutie... I guess DTLA Proud will stay with me for a while.