Friday, July 13, 2018

FU Cupid - A Fading Profile With Gun In Hand

So there I am on the FU Cupid, back in June, when I see the profile pic of someone I find attractive.
Lured by the physical attraction, I click on his profile.  I like everything I read.  Could it be I have found the elusive, “Okay, THIS guy”?
Emboldened by my appreciation of pic/profile “Eureka!” I move on to the next step.  I send him a message.  Brief, but friendly and only slightly cryptic.
He responds in kind and in good humor.  Over the next couple of days we enjoy a very nice text exchange. 
We seem to be moving at an appropriate rate, both careful not to push to meet too soon, but conscious of expressing sustained interest.
Then, it finally comes about three weeks later, the “let’s meet” text.

He says he’d really like to meet me, but is going for an extended vacation in July.  I don’t have my calendar with me when I receive his message,
So I tell him, I’d be leaving for Palm Springs on the 12th of June, kicking off a crazy schedule, but that I know I have the last week of June open, so I’d get back to him with a proposed date. He replied, "Perfect!"  Luckily for me, our PR guy Mike Pingle offered to share a ride to Palm Springs AND drive.  This proved to be the perfect opportunity to check my calendar and get back with “Okay, THIS guy”.

I thought, 'why wait so long to meet up', so I picked the next Monday night, but let him know other nights were available, if Monday wasn’t good for him.
That’s when I heard it!  The grand concerto of a chorus of crickets.
Crickets playing their little hearts out for days! Nay, Weeks!

I finally faced the fact that I had been ghosted.
You know me!  I rarely get excited about these things.
But, I guess I am part human, after all...

A week later, I have brunch with muh DAB, Glenn and fill him in on the adventures of Chico's Angel in Palm Springs, as well as my latest FU Cupid woes.
He asks to see the profile of my ghost and says, "Oh, yeah.  That guy..."
I was all, "What? What? Pray tell, what?"
"I went out with him one time," says Glenn, "He told me at the table he has horrible anger issues and is terribly bi-polar. Then, he ghosted me."

I felt a slight wispy breeze graze my temple as the metaphorical bullet whizzed by...

Boy! I dodged a bullet on that one!

It's crazy that this guy stays on the app and does the same thing, over and over, to different guys!
Is that any more crazy than my staying on the app, avoiding creeps and psychos, over and over?
Remeber when I wrote about it HERE?  At least that those times, I actually got a date before they disappeared.

Why do I even bother?

It's because I have HOPE, that's why!
Even though I know there's a good chance I'm going to die alone, I also know there's a chance, if I keep looking and working, that I will find someone who is attracted to me and gets me, whom I feel the same about and who will die alone with me.

It could also be because I forgot to cancel the auto-renew and just got billed for another 6 fucking months...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Happy Independence Day 
from Palm Springs
with friends
and a fresh cut!!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Gay of A Certain Age - Where Goes the Neighborhood?

Whilst in Texas, last week, I ventured to the Alamo Drafthouse to catch the documentary, WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?  It's about Fred Rogers.  You know, Mr. Rogers!

I loved it and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I teared up throughout the movie.  There was nothing particularly sad or tragic... maybe somethings from the outside world that made me angry, but there were a lot of warm tears.  After the movie, my friend, Ted, also had moist eyes and he asked, "Why did I tear up like that?"  I thought that same thing while I was getting misty in the theater, "Why am I crying?"  Then, it occurred to me that this man seemed to be the embodiment of kindness and he was so caring and gentle that when compared with all the ugliness and narcissism present and constantly on display in our world right now, any example of kindness and generosity is enough to make a person shed tears!

I used to watch the show as a kid and I was surprised how I didn't pick up that I was actually watching a minister actual minister in a way that didn't make me feel like I was in church or being talked down to.  Some of the social issues that he addressed, in his gentle way, appear to have gone directly inside my psyche, without my thinking, "OK, I was told that..."  His message of love and tolerance was delivered as a matter of course, not one that had to be separated and pointed out.  Then, there was that moment in the movie where someone describing him says, "He was a conservative Republican."  I specifically remember the split second that I went from being shocked, then thought,"How can that be?" and resolved, "Oh, yeah, this was decades ago."

With our political climate what it is today, I couldn't stop wondering 



Talk about climate change! (Yes, literally, talk about climate change; it's real.)
I can't think of two more diametrically opposed figures to fall under the same heading.

It's sad.

That's why the tears.

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I've lived to see decades of progress, achieved by people who care about other people and the planet.  I've lived to see all that progress be chipped away and rolled back by greedy, horrible people.  I've lived long enough to appreciate the awful irony that I was taught what's right by the same asshole who's tearing it all apart: the Conservative Republican Christian.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Too Busy To Post! - Drag Season Out of Control!

Hello!  No I haven't died and I haven't forgotten about yous guys, it's just that these first few weeks of June have been crazy busy for me and I've barely gotten a chance to get to my laptop.  You may be horrified to know that  I'm still editing photos from December! Yeah, THAT busy.  What with finishing a run of VIVA LAS CHICAS in L.A., doing a screenplay reading (in drag), jetting off to New York, back to work for a day, then off to Palm Spring for a 3 night run of VIVA LAS CHICAS, then back home to dog sit, work, and get my place back in order for a sisterly visit, working on finally getting my taxes done, then prepping for a quick weekend trip back to El Paso...  I barely have time to breathe.  So, while I'm in this whirlwind, I can at least post a HE DON'T EVEN KNOW PARADE, featuring photos of men on the street in L.A., whom I find attractive, imaginary boyfriend material.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season Overload Part 4

I’d love to go to that fancy restaurant where they make the gluten-free crust for the poke/chorizo/Raclette flatbread right there at your table, but I’m too busy! No sooner had Long Beach Gay Pride passed, when I hopped on-stage to perform VIVA LAS CHICAS!
It's our Variety Show!  I had to learn a monologue, some new scenes and a few new songs for this outing.  Even though we had minimal rehearsal, which aided with my busy schedule, the show seemed to come together well enough opening night and was in great shape when we closed. 

It was a fun time, singing songs and doing sketches without having a story to play out over two hours, as usual.  I also enjoyed going out into the audience, at the beginning, to find out what movie people were looking forward to seeing this summer.
Heck yeah, I went to the cute guys!
And true to character, when asked what movie she was looking forward to seeing, Frieda Laye responded, "HEAD PULL".

I regret that we didn't have a hot, shirtless hunk in this show, but I wasn't completely let down...
 My favorite part was our sketch called KAYWATCH, wherein we grab a guy from the audience
who is drowning (Whether he knows it or not)
Bring him up on stage
and help him 
by giving him CPK... er DVR... er, CPR
until he is saved and then has to endure being on stage while Kay Sedia sings a song.
That part was all improvised and I felt lucky that it was my job to determine that each guy needed CPK.  They were all great sports and some of them had surprisingly nice pecs! ...and/or piercings!

Then, of course, there's the little meet and greet after the show.  Lovely folk hang out after to get a pic and a squeeze.  Here's a little sampling of after-stayers;
I see Aaron Tone & Glenn Gaylord

Isn't that Dennis Hensley?

We saved the guy in the middle from drowning!!

I saved this guy, too!
(the first rule of improv life guarding is DON'T FALL IN LOVE)

Don't think that I get to eat that raw fish pizza with you, now!
We're taking VIVA LAS CHICAS to Palm Springs!  We'll be doing three week nights at 

If you're in the dessert June 12, 13 & 14, COME SEE THE SHOW!
Get tickets HERE
So, while I'd love to get trendy eats with you, I can't! I'm too busy!

Now, whatever shall I do during the day in Palm Springs?

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season Overload Part 3

I'd love to go to that swimming party with you where all the hunky guys ask us to rub sunblock on their rock hard muscly backs, but I can't!  I'm too busy!

After attending the fun goings on at Overboard LBC, I had to get up early, apply some slap, slip into a dress and hop onto a float!

I rode the BEST IN DRAG SHOW float in the Long Beach Pride Pride Parade.  I had a lovely time!  I enjoyed the festivities with my fellow BIDS contestants...

Totally showed my appreciation to the banner bearers...

Laughed at the funny stuff event leader, Lotta Slots, was saying over the loud speaker...

And completely surrendered to the help of our hunky helpers and co-floatees!

The parade itself was a very nice time!  

I loved seeing Grand Marshal, Alexandra Billings!

I enjoyed myself very much and regret that my poor planning has me in NY and unable to ride the BIDS float in the LA Pride Parade.

Meanwhile, I'm still dragging it up this week in VIVA LAS CHICAS
(Photo by Mike Pingel)

 And trying to get with cute guys in the audience...
(Photo by Mike Pingel)

There's still tickets for one of our many performance tonight and tomorrow

Get tickets Here

So while I'd like to get all hot with you, rubbing hot mens back and fighting UV rays, 
I can't! I'm too busy!!