Friday, March 23, 2018

F.U. Cupid - Coffee and Chat?


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Single Perks - One and Done!

On my recent trip to New York, I threw together an impromptu Sunday brunch with some of my NY favorites.
Two invitees were immediate yeses, while one was a tentative maybe. 
You see, the maybe, whom I’ll call Erin, ‘cause that’s her name, was having a hard time giving a solid yes because her husband wasn’t feeling well,
while their child was just getting over an illness, which was just part of a vicious cycle of sickness being passed from person to person in their household.
It was then that it occurred to me how fortunate I am to be single in these times of contagion.  You see, when I get sick, I stay home, nurse myself, then get right back out there.
These unfortunate people who have a mate, or worse a mate and a child (or maybe even children!) have to get sick, pass it on, nurse those who caught it, then get sick again!

Sure, I’ve whined about not having anyone to bring me soup & gluten-free crackers and put the Netflix on Black Mirror for me,
but I’d much rather endure a few days of that than the weeks of recycled disease that comes with another person breathing the same apartment air!

Here's the brunch club: me, Thom Storr, Erin Quill and Richard Cramer

As you can see from the photo above, Erin made it to brunch, but I'll tell you; 
not having to worry that you'll have have to endure a cycle of germs constantly flying around you for weeks because you live alone... Them's the perks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

He Don't Even Know - Cool Wader

This is "Derrick".
He really enjoys the water!
He doesn’t care that
it’s ice cold a lot of the time.
He just loves to step in
and feel the exhilarating sensation of the cold liquid
smashing into his hot body.

I prefer to stay on the shore,
nice, dry and warm
and take his picture.

I smash into his hot body later.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Too Busy For Love - Angel in America

I'd love to have gone to that Mardi Gras thing in Sydney, Australia with you on that gay cruise and find loving on the high seas, but I'm too busy visiting New York!

I flew in Thursday, just in time to set my stuff down, rush to dinner with Muh DAB, Richard, at Junior's

Then, rush out and find my seat at ANGELS IN AMERICA PART 2

'Wait,' one might be thinking, 'you're just gonna walk into part 2 willy nilly?'  Well, here's the thing, one time when I was too busy going to Fathom events and not finding love, I saw this very same production of ANGELS IN AMERICA PART 1 on the big screen.  I missed the second part because the screening date landing on my work meeting night.  So when I went to find a half price ticket to a show at TKTS, I saw this up there and thought, 'I've seen part one, and I've been flying all day, so I'll probably end up nodding off here & there during act 1 and I know the show, so I won't be lost when I'm actually fully awake...' So this show won.

I had seen Andrew Garfield and Nathan "ick, gross" Lane in Part 1, but I was excited to see that Lee Pace was new to the cast as Joseph, who was played by Russel Tovy in the part 1 I saw.  It wasn't until after the show that I got upset when I realized that I missed Russel Tovy's nude scene!  No offense Lee, but cripes! Russel Tovy neked!!

After the show I headed to Times Square to see the lights and such...
...and to see if there were any cuties out. There were...

Friday, I hopped out of bed and onto a bus to get across town to lunch with my friend Kenneth,  of Kenneth in the 212.  We caught up over a tasty meal at Westville, then he went to work and I went back to my quarters to cry.
I cried because all of a sudden there was sleet and ice and coldy stuffs falling out of the sky while blustery winds blustered!
So I stayed in, until it was time for my next show
I braved the blasting cold winds to get to the theatre to see Edward Albee's THREE TALL WOMEN
I knew of the show, but didn't know what it was about and let me tell you, it's about Glenda Jackson turning in a brava performance of an old lady at the end of her life- she's amazing!  Laurie Metcalf was her great self and Allison Pill kept up with the grand dames.
Then it was home again to cuddle up.

Saturday I kind of overslept and didn't get out to do anything except eat some two day old sushi I had bought when I got here, intending to eat sooner... I rushed over to the theatre district to eat my sushi, watch the Naked Cowboy strum for tips

And checked for cuties in Times Square, (of which there were some)

  before my Gay Duty matinee of HELLO, DOLLY starring Bernadette Peters.
Let me tell you, I'm not the hugest fan of Ms. Peters since I felt that she practically ruined the last revival of FOLLIES as a Sally Durant who played as crazy the moment she stepped on stage.  I came to see Dolly because I've never seen the stage version, I feel it's a Gay Duty kind of thing and I refused pay $300 to see Bette Midler (Is my Gay card revoked?).  Theatre is for the people and should be priced as such!!!
Anyhow, I was pleased when my program told me that Victor Garber was in the show.  Him, I like.
It was a delightful show and I didn't mind Bernadette here, too much, but this fell more into her cutesy wheelhouse than her last couple of Sondheim outings.  This show is old fashioned in a great sense... you know, at first when the house light went down and the orchestra started playing and nothing happened on stage, I was a tad confused.  Then I thought "Overture, dummy!"  I'd almost forgotten about the existence of overtures before a show!

I didn't get a chance to fret about how I would keep myself amused between shows because I met up with Mike Dreyden to get some face time after years of meeting, sending a message here & there on the social medias. We had a nice catch up session and discussed maybe a chance of me doing something in season 2 of his webseries LAST CALL.
Right after we concluded our meeting, I rushed over to Sardi's and didn't dine alone THIS time.  Remember that other time, HERE? This time around, it happens that my friend, Brian, is in town for business and to see a show or two and we had the same dinner hour open!  We met at Sardi's and caught up and enjoyed out meals. Before we knew it, it was time to head off to our respective shows.
He was off to HELLO, DOLLY and I was off to CAROUSEL
Here was another classic I had never seen, so there I was.  To be honest, Jesse Mueller got my butt in that seat.  I've loved her since she played Carol King in BEAUTIFUL.  This show is also old fashioned in a great way and the dancing!  Great dancers in the show and great cast... those voices!  I'm not sure I got the story, or why things happen the way they do and why there's this useless angel on stage for all of Billy's scenes... anyway, it's a great production and I recognized more songs than I thought I would.

Then I headed home via Times Square to see if there were any cuties out. There were...
Then I tried to figure out why the Empire State Building is gay on my way home.

Next up is brunch with more friends, a matinee of LOBBY HERO starring Chris Evans and Michael Cera, then a rush to JFK to hop a plane for LA and missing the Oscars.

I'm sure I would have loved making out with that drunk Aussie in the pink speedo and unicorn head mask, but I'm just too busy!  But, thank you!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Check it!

When you're tragically single, it becomes very easy to go into a downward spiral of cataloguing all the reasons you think you're undesirable.  I say FUCK THAT!    Take those negative thoughts and turn them inside out, because what you think is undesirable about yourself is probably what makes you fabulous!  

I've wondered if maybe some guys think I'm too gay, but AIN'T NO SUCH THING!

I love being gay and everything that goes along with it mostly because Gay = Fun!
Sometimes I feel like I live in one of my favorite childhood magazines and I have a blast finding all the great things about being gay.  Please, join me as I dive into my own publication, Guylights Magazine For Gays...

This is a photo called MIDNIGHT SNACK. 
Find all the things gay about it!

Did you find them all?
Scroll down for the answer key!

Nice scroll!
Here we go, in a clockwise motion...

1.  Framed portrait of Julie Brown by Austin Young
2. Giant pink Mecha Banana by Frank Kozik
3. Broadway Magnets all over the refrigerator
4. Organic cherry juice and champagne cocktail
5.  Cashmere sweater (Possibly Ladies' cut)
6. The big homo in the center!

Did you get them all?
Do you see more?
How are you gay?

This Is Why I Am Single: Sometimes I am too busy enjoying being gay to be worried about being gay with someone else.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Difficult Single

Oh my God, you guys!  This weekend, because I thought I was too busy for love, I had no plans... turns out my plans are actually for 2 weeks from now, so suddenly I had time on my hands.  Instead of using it to pore over FU Cupid profiles, I decided to finish editing my Birthday trip photos from October before finishing gettting my home back in order from Craft Night!  I turned on the TV and got to work.  Before I knew it, I had watched the last season and half of DIFFICULT PEOPLE and eaten an entire bag of Chicas Corn Chips and a tub of cream cheese!!  What??  It all flew by so quickly!

This Is Why I Am Single; it's easy for me to pass an entire day editing photos, watching TV and snacking instead of getting my home in order or pursuing love!

Now please enjoy some of my favorite fruits of my labor... the view from Aukland, Christchurch, Sydney & Melbourne