Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Gay of A Certain Age - Looking at a Winwin Year!


I got my 2022 Hottie Man Calendar
from Hot House 
a little late this year
(I waited too long to order),
but I am so pleased to see one of my favorites,
Arad Winwin,
on the cover!
How did I live 4 days without him?

I'm also looking forward to 
not seeing any dead porn stars 
featured for the month
(Unless they are properly labeled as "In Memorium")

I'm happy to report
No dead porn stars in the 
Hot House 2021 Calendar!
I was very pleased to see living favorites
Arad Winwin in July
(As well as on the cover)
(2 years in a row!!)
Austin Wolf in December.

You know that 
as A Gay of A Certain Age,
I'm very loyal to my favorites,
but I am also open to new fancies
and proud to announce that my favorite
"New To Me Porn Star" of 2021
was Mr. March,
 Micah Brandt

Seeing this fella every morning as I picked out
what clothes to wear to work
at my dining room table,
sure put an extra spring and my step
and made me super thirsty
for that first cup!

 I just realized that in my Covid slump
I neglected to post about getting my 2021 Calendar.
 Arad was on the cover.
No 2020 review, except;
the guys were hot,
but the year was not so great,
so I'll just let it go...

I'm just going to look forward to 2022
as I turn the page on the first of each month,
anticipating the surprise of what hottie man 
will greet me every morning for 30 or so days.
...with only slight intrepidation
of seeing a dead porn star, thanks to the PTDS
caused by Colt Calendars of the past!

Here's to a fabulous 2022!