Friday, August 16, 2019

he Don't Even Know! - Summer Heat

This is "Todd"
he likes to get me wet
to beat the summer heat.
I feel like the climate is changing
and it's getting hotter every day!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Too Busy For Love - The Mile High Cast

Is it me, or did July seem to just fly by??  I was so busy traveling and preparing a new Chico's Angels show, I was totally Too Busy For Love!  (okay, I'll confess, I did get lucky in NY, but that'll be a separate post...)
I had a blast rehearsing for CHICO'S ANGELS 6: FLY, CHICA! FLY!
A big part of that is because the hilarious Julie Brown was our guest star and it was a complete hoot getting the show together with her. 

I remember the best part of my Sunday would be turning on the MTV and watching JUST SAY JULIE, starring the hilarious Julie Brown. I delighted when she accidentally gave Linda Blair a home lobotomy or when she knocked "Stevie Nicks'" head off while saying "Stop twirling, Stevie!" After that show was done, I'd love seeing her in movies and TV shows, like QUANTUM LEAP. When I moved to LA, I was very excited to see Julie live on stage doing a one woman show featuring some of my favorite songs of hers (including an audience demanded THE HOMECOMING QUEEN'S GOT A GUN). I was so excited to get a picture with her after the show and I probably frightened her by reciting her resume to her. As my time here in LA has passed, I've seen Julie in more things, I've gushed when she came to see many Chico's Angels performances and I got to share a stage with her at THE MISMATCH GAME a few times. Last week, we ended our too short run of CHICO'S ANGELS 6: FLY! CHICA FLY! and I still marvel at how lucky I am to get to work on a show and perform with someone I have watched and admired for years. Certainly her work has influenced me and helped form whatever performer I am. I'm just lucky and smart enough to know I should cherish this... and I do.

And, as you can see, I had a great time on stage, warding off the advances of a super hunky hunk in a towel...

And off stage capturing the magic of a shirtless super hunky audience hunk...

It was all very exhausting and it's not over, yet!

I'm still busy preparing my farewell number for BEST IN DRAG SHOW 2019 on October 6!
And I'm also busy co-writing and rehearsing Frieda Laye's first outing without the other Angels, 
PERFECT HALLOWEEN!  That's right, an Aerobic Horror Musical! Step touch for your life September 26-29!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July 2019!

...Unless you're in a concentration camp.

Gay of a Certain Age - Gay Pride 2019 Part 2

Last I left, I was telling you how I finished the float riding and rushed over to the Best In Drag Show booth, where I watched a few hotties go by...

I also watched the rest of the parade go by- for another hour, at least!!  This is the longest the parade has ever gone, but it is also the first year it's ever been televised, so that must have had some affect.  Can you imagine just sitting back and watching these hotties go by from the comfort of your EZ Boy lounger??

After the parade was done and a  L O N G time seemed to pass, I ashamedly cut my volunteer time a half hour short and headed for the refuge of a nearby party I was invited to.  Let me explain... I was exhausted because the night prior was one of my nights cat sitting and while I love the little stinkies, this stinky is not known for letting anyone sleep passed sun up.

Contributing to my lack of sleep was the fact that the night prior I was in Long Beach for muh former DAB, Brett's post-wedding-pizza-pajama-party 
which was a delight, which made me stay late and then face the a long drive back from Long Beach to sleep with the kitties.

In addition to my lack of sleep, I had purchased some nude slippers to wear with my Nacho Pancho to avoid being in high heels all day long, but I bought the wrong size and the strap kept falling off, so in order to walk and keep the slippers on I had to curl my toes in them, which leads to cramping as one walks along... they also gave me blisters.  That is why I cut my time short and headed over to the party which offered snacks & drink, which I also needed badly.  The final factor in my heading for the party was that it was much closer than my apartment.  

On my way there, I bumped into these delightful fellas, who had just left the party and recommended my attendance.

Now, to be clear, both I and my alter-ego, Reba Areba, were invited to this tiny pool party via the Facebooks, so the hosts must have expected I might show up in the drag.  Right?
So, I got to Bryan and Paolo's tiny pool party...

It was a fun time to be sure, but I felt a little out of place in my full drag pride regalia...
There were guys there, just relaxin'...

But I felt it most when this guy turned his back to me...

I thought, "Two of me fit on that back..."

I don't know, I guess it felt like I had walked into a man-sexy party and I put a damper on it once I walked in (even though there were actual females in attendance.)  Even though I felt self conscious, I still had a good time and tried not to be intimidated by this...
in my face every time I purposefully turned around to see hot muscles.

Look! We all had a good time!

...Even though I misunderstood when host Bryan told me to grab something to eat...

Not long after my arrival, after maybe three drinks or more, I called a Lyft and gladly paid the price to have someone drive me 1 exact mile to my home.  There, I de-dragged and exhaustedly headed back to the cats, ignoring the fact that I don't know how to watch live TV in the cat house and would thus miss the Tony Awards broadcast.  The cats needed fooding and I was tired.

As a gay of a Certain Age, I've discovered that a full day of Gay Pride takes a lot more energy than it used to!  Seriously? Too tired to watch the Tonys???

Well, that's my Gay Pride Story, now please enjoy some of  my random sights from the day...

Peace out!