Wednesday, May 25, 2022

MisDrag Pride-GameCon


Drag Season is on and hitting pretty hard!

First up was a mini-project for fun and promo... 

I donned my Reba Areba drag to take on Nicole Kidman and her AMC pre-show screener,
as seen in in my previous post to promote Dennis Hensley's The Mismatch Game.

Before the Mismatch Game was ready to be played, I was seduced by Ru Paul's DragCon!

I almost sat this one out, because I felt a little overwhelmed by the drag explosion in my home that would sit around waiting to be cleaned up for about 3 (potentially 5) weeks.  A home in disarray can be quite a deterrent, because why pack everything away when you're just gonna roll it all out 2 or 3 times again in a couple of days... Despite my misgivings about the mess and my basic sense of laziness, I decided that Reba Areba could use the photo opportunities and that I might get to stand next to some shirtless hot guys for a picture or 6.  I'm glad I did!

I had a great time.  I saw some of my favorite drag queens...
Heidi N Closet




Mx Qwerrrk

RuPaul (Out of drag)

I saw some of my favorite people...

Alec Mapa

Glen Alen

Dusti Cunningham

Jeremy Lucido

I was delighted that Muh DAB, Dudley showed up with friends dragged up as the girls from 

Most important of all, I stood next to some hot guys...
GoGo Zaddy

Steve MacIsaac

Then there were random groovy folk...

Then I was attacked by Abhora!


I saw some more hot guys...
Go Go Zaddy

Oh, Pit Crew!

Then, a favorite moment... A pink Wookie!

(I apologize if we took a pic together and it wasn't included here, but darn, I have a lot of pics!)

While I had a fabulous time, I also felt like I had been hit by 2 trucks by the time I got home.
I arrived at the RuPaul's Dragcon at 10am and walked around in my dress & cowgirl boots 'til a little after 5pm, add to that carrying around my purse, my camera and all the crap I had to buy to see some drag queens and stuff I bought to support some indie artists & merchants... getting heavier and heavier as the day dragged on...  Boy, was I pooped!  I crashed so very hard! I thought I was going down for a half hour nap, but I ended up going in and out of consciousness thinking, 'It's too hot, I should turn on a fan, but I can't move because I'm too hot.' for about 3 hours.  I was so groggy when I finally got up and moving, then I remembered that I had 2 nights of The Mismatch Game the very next week!

More of that in my next post as Drag Season continues...