Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Avery's Wild Birthday

Last weekend I enjoyed celebrating my friend, Avery's birthday.
It was a lovely evening with snacks of all types and a full bar with two very nice bartenders
helping us with our drinks of choice (I opted for the Crisp Apple Angry Orchard Cider that I brought).

It was a good time, I caught up with some old friends and I met some new folk!

I forget how old Avery turned, but the candles seemed plentiful, but non-threatening.

Meanwhile, the two handsome bartenders kept everyone's spirits up!

Then there were the gifts...

Avery enjoyed the gift that I got him.  I enjoyed so much, I put it on my wishlist for MY birthday!

Then there was THAT gift... One of Avery's female friends got him a stripper

It was cheesy fun, and when the stripper cop asked for volunteers, I was forced to, if only because no one else seemed to want to participate.  I guess it was fun.

I guess.

And that was the night!
As a Gay of A Certain Age, I find that you're never too old to participate in cheesy burlesque with a nice, nearly naked man.  So, when a stripper asks for volunteers and he's standing with all his stuff out in the open, don't leave him hanging...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Getting Out - Let Sleeping Wolf Fly

So, last night, in an effort to be less of a homebody and get out & mix it up, I left my home.
I braved the late night 9:00 pm start time and traveled to The Hotel Cafe where I watched Sleeping Wolf play some totally rockin' songs.

 I really enjoy their sound.  I went because my friend & Chico's Angels 3 castmate, Stacey Danger invited me.

My first instinct for any invitation on a week night is "say, no", but I had enjoyed the CD Stacey gave me (after finally getting my iTunes together on my Mac & new external hard drive!) so, I said yes.  I also used it as a kick off to getting out more. Besides, another fellow Chico's 3 alum was there, 

hunky, Josh Martin and his lovely wife, Svetlana.  It was a lovely evening.
Granted, this getting out thing would probably be more beneficial to me and my needs, if it was a specifically, or even a little bit.., gay event, but out is out right?
Besides, these awful pics I took with my phone show the band's not so hard to look at...

And, the guy in the dark corner on the other side of the post by stage, might have been giving me the flirty eyes...

or more likely, was trying to figure out how to turn off the flash on his phone camera...
Check out Sleeping Wolf, I think you'll enjoy their sound.
Right now, I'm really digging BLINDFOLD, GHOST, and AFTERGLOW.

Monday, September 28, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - Cig Alert

I am all for truth! Usually I think truth is the most important thing, ever.
Now, I must confess that at times I can be worse than any evil Republican Spin Doctor when it comes to the truth about smoking.  I can't stand cigarette smoke!  I can't tell you how disapouinting it is to see a hottie, hot hot walking down the street, then see him pull out a cigarette.  I know it smacks of a cheesy Brooke Shields PSA, but that, in itself, is the truth; I HATE SMOKING and I'll drop any interest in a guy once I see him puff.  Sure, I have friends who smoke, but most of them are trying, or have tried to quit.  They know it's bad.  Aside from the health risks, it's just plain nasty.  I remember the days when smoking was allowed in restaurantrs and bars and when I returned from a simple lunch or night of a cocktails, my hair, clothing and skin would reek of cigarette smoke.  Is there a bigger turn off than being picked up for a date and being greeted by your suitor and a waft of cigarette stench as you open the car door?  Even if they are good about smoking only outside and keeping their hair and clothes fresh, you sometimes find out a guy smiokes when you're sharing your first, long, deep kiss.  It's like kissing an ashtray! (I love screaming that line like a hysterical Aunt Trudy.)
I can not support it and I cetrtainly won't date it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate smokers, in general.  Aside from those assholes who smoke like they are they only person in the world and blow smoke out of their mouths like they were King Long blowing Jessica Lange dry, or smoke while they are walking along a side walk, or dancing with a lit cigarette... actually doing anything with a lit cigarette other than smoking... smokers can be super nice folk.

Here's where my confession comes into play; I have altered my photgraphs so that a guy is not holding a cigarette.  I don't like to promote the idea that smoking is alright, because I don't think it is.  Surely, I think people should smoke if they want to, but has to be done in consideration of those who don't smoke.  I'm less judgy of people my age or older, but the kids younger than us should all know better, they had all the information and warnings.  I can only think they started smoking to be "cool".  I don't want to contribute to that mindset, so, if I have a pic of someone- especially if it's someone I think is terribly attractive, I will delete it or, as I did with this pic of my friend, Billy...

I removed the cigarette when I posted it on the Facebook.  Honestly, I feel like a hypocrite, what with my attitude toward censorship and truth, but I'd rather feel like that than feel like someone who contributed to another person's idea that smoking is "cool".  Here's the original shot...
...Billy is Hot, smoking is not.
This is why I am single; I'm perfectly fine turning down the advances of someone who smokes, even if I find them very atrractive.
(Alright, I haven't turned them ALL down, don't be crazy, sex is sex!
 ...but the kissing was gross!)  Right, Brooke?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Flashback Friday

I have a birthday coming next week and all of a sudden today, I started thinking about the good old days and this college crush came to mind.  This memory is circa 1991. His name is Sean and I met him in my Acting 2 class. There were only seven in the class since the new-ish acting teacher, whom I 'll call "Professor Psycho Swift" had scared off most of the twenty-five Acting 1 students. Luckily, Sean was a transfer and had no idea who Professor Psycho Swift was.  With so few in the class, my interaction with him was plentiful and plenty nice!  I was a young gay and was totally smitten with this guy.  What I liked about him, besides his hunky good looks was that he was just a plain ol' nice guy. He had a very pretty girlfriend, Shannon, and she was nice, too.  I could not get over how much I liked, Sean, so much so, that I think he might be why I may have impossibly high standards for a suitor; beyond the good looks, they have to be a total sweetheart.  I think he knew I had a huge crush on him, but he never shied away or turned any moments awkward.  He was kind without leading me on and gemerous. I can say I rarely heard him speak ill of anyone HE'S SO NICE!

As a Gay of a Certain Age, who came out at the age of 28, I don't regret all the sex I didn't have, instead, I cherish the crushes I had on a few good men, who showed me the nice stuff without the sex.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gay Of A Certain Age - Sadly Un-PC

I must apologize for my spotty blogging as of late,
you see, I feel like I've made a gigantic error in switching to Mac.  I had an HP laptop that was working fine, except that it had suffered some exterior damage I thought would soon render it useless and worse, take a few photo & document files with it.  I thought perhaps I should finally join the 21st Century and get one of these fancy Mac-Air computer books the kids are all talking about.  It was pricier than repeating my HP purchase, but I thought, what the heck.  Since I have gotten this Mac, I've been relegated to using time in ways I hadn't before.  For example, I used to be able to take a JPG, edit it on PicMonkey, save the file in the same place, replacing the original.  Now, with Mac, when I edit a pic, I have to save it in another folder, drag it to the original folder, then delete the original file.  Three quick moves has turned in to six.  That seems petty, but when I'm editing 100 or so pics, it's a pain!  My iTunes has been a mess since the switch.  I wasn't able to purchase from the iTunes store and it took me quite a while to figure out that I had to dig into my preferences or somewhere and give myself permission to purchase music for myslef on my computer.  I had an external drive that holds my library, but since I purchased directly on my Mac, I can not just merge the two libraries...
Suffice it to say, I've been light with posts because my last couple of days have been hours worth of figuring stuff out, configuring and get crap together.  I'm not done, but I'm able to take some time to post now!

As a Gay Of A Certain Age, I'm realizing that sometimes, new isn't better.  It's okay to stick with something you know, especially when the new fangled fancy thing turns out to be a huge time suck.
 I like to somethings sucked, my time is not one of them!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Goodbye Summer... for now

Meet "Andy"!
He's hard to keep up with,
even though he's imaginary!
Here he is rushing off to one of three
"Goodbye Summer" pool parties.
I told him I was only good for one and a half
at best.

He offered to come home with me 
when I pooped out, 
but I insisted that he go have fun.
So, he went to the third party
and I went home.
I fell asleep imediately once
I hit the bed for a nap.
I woke up about an hour later
with Andy rubbing what I thought was
suntan lotion on me...
but it wasnt sunny in our bedroom.
It was massage oil!
I got a got post pool nap rubdown
and we had a wet & wild time
of another sort!
Thanks, Andy! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - No Strings Attached

As of 9:25 pm, tonight, I have seen all ten of the PUPPET MASTER movies.

My affinity for these movies started in the 80's, then I forgot about them as the decades went by, 
but my interest was re-awakened when I discovered the entire collection on Hulu Plus.  I had no idea that they had continued the series through out the decades!  So, whenever I wanted a cheesy movie to watch I switched them on and had a good time.  So yes, instead of being out in a bar hunting for "The One", I stayed in and watched the final installment.  

I must admit, I was truly delighted watching our anti-hero/hero puppets battling the Nazi puppets,
it was well worth the evening in.
This Is Why I Am Single.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - A Lifestyle I've Yet To Get Accustomed To

I came out late, at 28, so I've been officially gay for 20 years and I've yet to figure out what this
 "Gay Lifestyle" these people, who have no idea what they are talking about, are talking about!
They seem to think that all gays do and feel the same things, as if we were trained, ironic, since most of us are trained to be straight.
What is the "Gay Lifestyle" to me?  Get up at 6:30ish, go to work til 6:00, go home, either go to rehearsal, do a show, see if a DAB wants to have dinner or PREFERABLY sit in front of the T.V. with Hugo's takeout on a tray, masturbate & sleep (I mostly masturbate when I wake up, but not always, so I kept it to myslef.).  On weekends, I get up (hopefully) late and figure out brunch options or sit with coffee, peanut butter toast and my laptop most of the day.  Nap in the afternoon in anticipation of performing, reluctantly going to a social gathering or watching alot of T.V.  I don't have excersising on my agenda, I get that accidentally.  Is this THE "Gay Lifestyle"? The lifestyle all gays are supposed to have?  Somehow, I don't think this is how Elton John's day goes, or Michael Sam or Snagglepuss, for that matter.  Is there a 'Straight Lifestyle?"  Am I to assume that because The Pope and Ted Nugent are both straight that they live the same lifestyle?

I think it's ridiculous that anyone would assume a person's lifestyle choice based on to whom they are attracted, because how I live my life is so much more than how I screw up getting sex for myself.
Do me a favor, next time you hear someone say "The Gay Lifestyle" slug them for me, because as Chico's Angels would say, "Ju don't know my life!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Full Pooch Testing

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of dogsitting two little cuties, Scooper & Princes Luau
(Not their real names, but really close).
It was quite a treat to come home from work and have these cuties yammering for me from their kitchen confinement as I walked in.  I lifted them up & out and recieved my well anticipated kisses.
It was nice having the weight of other little bodies on the bed as we lay down to sleep and cuddle as the morning proved chilly with an overnight dose of air conditioning.  I got to see more of my neighbors as I took the doggies out, three times a day for terlet fun & walkies.  I had a test run of what it would be like to have two of my own puppy pals full-time.  Honestly it was a delight.
...but not totally.  If I may be more honest, some things about it weren't all fun.  I did feel the sting of waking up earlier to add walkies to my morning routine, or the loss of extra sleep time on the weekend.  I didn't sleep as almost well as I usually almost, what with worrying that I'd roll over & squish one of my furry guests.  I missed lunch with my co-workers because I came home at lunch time for afternoon walkies.  I couldn't socially lolly-gag after work, since I had pups to get home to.  I would have preferred to plunk down on the sofa after work, but I had to walk a half a block to a park. AND back! While both of the girls are lovely, that Scooper is a rascal and very smart.  She figured out how to get their confinement gate down and the escaped, to have run of the place until I came home.  They didn't do any harm to anything, but she wanted me to know she could... if she wanted to!

Don't get me wrong, my very minor complaints are based in laziness and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them, but it did give me taste of full-time puppy daddyhood.  I felt the pressure of time, and my poor time managemnt and I don't think I'm ready for pups, yet.
I will say I'm a little closer to it, though.

Monday, September 14, 2015

S'up, Muh DAB?- Dudley's Birthday

So, muh DAB, Dudley, had a birthday party, organized by friends who decided that the perfect theme would be, Dress as Dudley.  If you'll remember, Dudley is quite the creative type, so there were many previous costumes to shose from.  I let my week get away from me and before I knew it, I was scrambling on Saturday afternoon, with half of an appropriate costume.
It was based on well, this photo...
...that is to say that I had a pair of cut-off shorts that I'm too fat for now and some socks that go above my ankles.  I could have sworn that I had suspenders...  Fortunately, the party oprganizers set up a room where one could craft a Dudley costume.  Thank God!!
As a single gay of a certain age, I was slightly tempted to throw in the towel and just stay home with my Xbox and watch a mopey movie.  But, no! I have pledged to get myself out of the house more and go.  Besides, it's muh DAB's birthday!!  So off I went.

Again, I do enjoy being single, because I got to flirt with some cuties and my tongue might have ended up in someone's mouth for a photo op.  ...ANYTHING for a photo op, right?
So, I was out later than usual and had a great time laughing with friends, oogling hotties and enjoying myself!
Of course, there are pictures...

Still didn't get lucky, though...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

He Don't Even Know - It Has Been Decided

This is "Don"
I like dating him imaginarily
because he knows what he wants.
I'm a fiercely independant guy,
but I'm also a Libra
so sometimes it's nice to have someone who makes choices.
We never spend more than 10 seconds deciding
 where we're going to eat,
what movie we're going to see,
or who's gonna put what, where.
I really like his take charge attitude.
My favorite thing that 
he wants is me!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Self Sufficient Math

As a Gay Of A Certain Age, I've come pretty far without finding The One.
I'm not worried about it and I hope you're not, either.  I've never thought I was less because I wasn't more.  Call it self-sufficient math, but 1 isn't always less than 2.  I imageine that some day, I'll pair up with someone of like-interests and mutual attraction. I can also imagine, that I spend the rest of my days in the company of family, friends, dogs and unwitting porn stars without being in a romantic relationship. I'm okay with it.

Heidi Priebe has something to say about it HERE.
I'm certain I agree.