Sunday, January 14, 2018

He Don't Even Know - WinWinning

He is technically not a fantasy man,
because he's an actual person and that's actually his name,
But He Don't Even Know he's my boyfriend.

I decided to make him my 
He Don't Even Know man
today because of my recent entry on 
Andrew Christian underwear.
Arad is an Andrew Christian Underwear model.
(He may have other, more daring pursuits that you may Google
at your own discretion)

He's just so handsome...

And freakin' hot...

but what draws me to him most is his winwinning smile.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Gay of A Certain Age - Bulgy Impact

As a Gay of A Certain Age, it's nice to know that I can still have an impact!  
As you may recall, almost a year ago I posted about bidding in an auction on a basket of Andrew Christian underwear then the store refused to exchange the UNOPENED incorrect sizes to my size, leaving me having bid over $100 on 2 pair of medium underwear ( both were the butt floss variety, just my bad luck).  You can read about that outrage HERE.  Even though that situation was never resolved for me and I still believe Andrew Christian has the worst customer service AND that slithery store clerk is still a filthy nut sack in my eyes, I was pleased to see a bundle of Andrew Christian underwear at another auction recently.

Why would I be pleased, I ask for you?  Because all of the underwear in that bundle was the same size!!  

Yes!  Now whomever bid on that prize, knows what size they are won't have to walk in to the viper pit on Santa Monica Boulevard to be humiliated by the gross store clerk with an attitude.  
I'd like to believe my blog post read by 12 people had something to do with that improvement in their charity involvement!

To whomever won this prize; You're welcome!  Because as a Gay of A Certain Age, I also know how important it is to wear underwear that fits!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gay of A Certain Age - From Colt To Stallion

I finally did it!!  I broke free from Colt Men calendars!!
Why would I do that you ask?
As you may recall, I posted a little while back HERE, about being shocked and depressed when I flip a calendar page and the new monthly model is a sweet, handsome, DEAD porn star.  It's happened more than a few times and these are calendars that are printed years after the poor guys have passed, so I find it unforgivable... mainly because I know they do it, just so they don't have to pay a living model a living wage.  Don't get me wrong, I love the men of Colt...

Why, here I am telling Carlo Masi and Adam Champ just how much I enjoy their work

I've just decided that 2017 was going to be the last year that I let Colt bring me down first thing in the month!

This year I went with Raging Stallion!
(not my photo)

Once the calendar was delivered, I immediately had a few issues with it.

(Let's establish that I don't preview my calendars because I like to be surprised each month, so I really don't know what I'm getting until I unwrap the plastic wrap and see that January looks like.)

I know it's hard to get used to something new, but I had hoped for a smoother transition.  
First, it is about 5 inches longer than a typical calendar.  Granted, this thing hangs in my closet, behind clothes sometimes, but still it's a bit unwieldy. (What, Queen, you're complaining about 5 extra inches? Whaaaaat?)  Next, if you look to the pic up top, you'll see that the dates are all smooshed down at the bottom, vertically in a long horizontal strip.  I know, I know,  but sometimes I actually do look at the days and I really prefer them in their usual grid.  If I wanted to just hang posters of neked hotties each month, I wouldn't waste space on days and numbers! I mean, is this a calendar or not? 

Next, while the January man is quite a visual treat, I'm disappointed that his name is Brogan Reed.  Really?  Brogan Reed?? They aren't even trying with names anymore!  This sounds like a name high schoolers come up with when making a porn parody.  
"What's my character's name?"|
"Who's your favorite porn star?"
"I don't know, but my dad's is Logan Reed..."
"That's it! Your characters name is Brogan Reed!"
"That's kinda cheap."
"Yeah, but were in high school, who's gonna care?"

For those of you who are Gays of a Less Than Certain Age, Logan Reed was a popular porn star about 20 years ago...
(Not my photo, totally swiped from Here)

If you're going to use an obviously made up name, why not really go for it?  How about Manuel Hung, Dixon Ashe, Clutch Morgan or Hugh J'Bohner?

Maybe I'm being a little picky, but come on!  Is it too much to want to wake up on the first of the month and see a hot, living guy with a creative/original name greeting me with a smile and boner saying, "Pay your rent, fucker"?

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I'm finding that hot & sexy are coming in second to order, creativity and respect for the dead!