Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Is Why I Am Single - Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

So, there I am in a fancy cabana in Puerto Vallarta, when all of a sudden some hottie REAL girls stroll in and start handing folks stuff.
I have no idea what it is, but if it's free, I wants!!
Upon closer observation, I determine that they are handing out condoms!  I just had an entry about condoms and thought "Synchronicity! This is the universe telling me I'm in synch and where I should be."  Now, I certainly didn't have any immediate prospects for the sex, but I wasn't opposed to it.  I was open and what a nice little coaxing from the universe telling me to enjoy myself.  The boobsy girls came to where I was... and passed me by.
They handed a condom to our hostess for the afternoon, Amy.  They made their way down all the way to the end of the cabanas, handing out condoms.  Then, they finally headed toward me and kept walking!  They had run out!  What kind of message was that??  What are you saying, Universe??

This Is Why I Am Single; even when I let myself be convinced that things are going my way, some little thing will happen that lets me know, it ain't quite so.  What? I'm not supposed to have sex in Mexico?  Well, I didn't!  Are you happy, Universe?  ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??

I did have some fabulous duck tacos, though...

Flight of Fancy

Flying home from Puerto Vallarta on Monday, I had a celeb siting; Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. They were sitting in 1st class along with their cute & energetic daughters (the reason I couldn't up grade).  I thought a mutual friend would get a kick out of this sighting, so I texted him and he said to say, "Hi".  So I did.  I waited until they were waiting for their car and approached Ms. Jawbreaker.  She was very kind, gracious and fun. We took a selfie for my friend, but I thought I'd share the bright spot in my journey home.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Postcards From Mexico

Today I'm dedicating most of my time to rehearsing (learning) my monologue and songs for Kay's show tonight, so I don't think I'll make it t the beach.  (saddy face)

But I still had time to get to the postso officeo to send this to y'alls...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Getting Out - Out in Old Mexico

Hola!  Here I am in Puerto Vallarta having a great time despite the fact that my phone doesn't work here AT ALL and the WiFi cuts in and out so that I don't ever know if I'll be able to post here, communicate through the Facebook or watch porn.  Today, I'm lucky and have WiFi at this moment!

I'm here to do my guest spots in Kay Sedia's show TACO KISSES
I got here a little early, so I have a little time to enjoy the scenery!  Please, enjoy the scenery with me, wont you?

Sometimes, I find that Getting Out in another country is much better than staying in and learning a new song for tomorrow night's show!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - It's Harder When They're Free

So, one time, (it may not have been this past Friday, but it really happened!) I was all neked with this hot guy and I was all excited to be with him, I even took a little blue pill to make sure everything would be up to snuff.  He made me dinner and excited.  Then we talked for a little bit, then  got down to ass tacks.  We nakified each other, rolled around with the kissing & such and then we came to the moment of "going all the way".  That's when it hit me, we need to have THE TALK.  We were going to have to stop our tumbling into positions to discuss; condoms or no.  Granted, we prolly should have taken care of the neg or poz talk during our post dinner/pre-rolling neked chat, but we didn't and here we were.  This hottie was not a stranger to me, but he was still new. We discussed whether we would or not, got into a mini-discussion on PrEP usage and how a lot of folk are using it instead of condoms, rather than with condoms as a second layer of protection.  That got us into a mini-talk about recent case of the guy on PrEP who became positive.  While were talking, in my head I was all, "OF COURSE you're going to use condoms- you did a butt load of PSAs about condom usage! Don't be a hypocrite!"  Even with my voice yelling in my head, I must confess that in my limited sexual encounters, I have not always used a condom, but in those cases there had been The Talk about it and the decision was reached mutually.
One particular issue I had been dealing with was the whole erectile dysfunction thing and how much a condom contributed to it.  Meanwhile, back in bed with the neked hottie, we voted condoms "yes!"  After all, I had taken a pill for the Erectile Dysfunction, so that wasn't a worry.  On to rolling around neked, we went!

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I certainly know the consequences of contracting HIV & AIDS and the importance of using condoms.  I also am delighted that on this recent occasion, The Talk did nothing to diminish the mood.  In fact it boosted it some, because I was more free to enjoy myself without the worry or guilt that comes with not using a condom and more so, I was way turned on because I was with a guy who I could talk freely about my history without feeling judged and because he spoke freely in return and cared about what I wanted.  That's hot!

If you would like to know more about PrEP, click HERE

If you'd like to get free condoms and/or see the butt load of PSAs starring Chico's Angel, click HERE

Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Is Why I Am Single - No Lack of Integra-ty

I have a date tomorrow!  WHAT?  No, it's true!  I've been so terribly busy I have had so little time to write about it.  I must really be into this guy because he is Geographically Undesirable.  If I wasn't really into him, would I agree to drive ALL THE WAY to Long Beach on a Friday afternoon?  Here's the thing, I'm worried once I get there, he'll wanna hop in my car to get to dinner & the movie.  My car is fine and I love it, but it is a 2000 Acura Integra that is a little beat up, which may cause some to judge me and pull me over to the undateable lane.  Ideally, I wouldn't date someone who judges people based on the car they drive, but once in awhile, I worry that I'm insufficient in my jalopy.  "Why don't you just buy a new car?", one might ask.  One reason is that I've never been one to flaunt, mostly because I used to never have anything worthy of flaunting, but I really don't care for displays of wealth.  That goes along with my dislike for seeming insincere.  Also, I am blessed enough to work within walking distance of my home, and I live in the very walkable West Hollywood, so I don't really spend much time in my car.  The main reason is that while I do enjoy the comfortable life of a single gay with a disposable income, I don't have a huge amount of money.  I choose to have an older car that is paid for with a cheaper insurance rate in exchange for traveling, eating out and entertaining myself as I please.  I have no credit cards, so I pay as I go and I find that more comfortable than a hard leather seat with a new car smell and monthly charge.

This Is Why I Am Single; I would rather go to New York and see DISASTER!, again at the drop of a hat, than try to impress people I don't know with a shiny metal box on wheels that would spend most of its time in my garage.  Even so, once in a while, I'll park a little distance away rather than use the valet at a fancy party in Palm Springs or too eagerly accept an "I'll come to you" from a date, because I feel a little shallowly insecure.  Yeah, I must trust that this Hottie won't judge me based on what I drive.  Conversely, I don't know what he's got in the garage, but I do know he drives me to distraction when he smiles.

Monday, March 14, 2016

He Don't Even Know! - I'll Take the Bus

Hi, "Davey"!
"Davey", I imagine, is thinking up 
another way to surprise me
while courting my love.
Here's a picture from that time he surprised me
with a city tour
on a double-decker bus, 
where he was the tour guide
and I was the only tourist.
It was truly sexy and entertaining
as the bus drove past notable romantic 
Los Angeles sites, 
with "Davey" narrating in only
his blue trunks and the California sun!
The tour ended at Will Rogers Beach 
in Santa Monica.
Funny enough, it took us an hour to get off 

the bus.
The best imaginary date ever!

We were mortified when "Davey" realized
he left his narrator's microphone on
while we were getting off

the bus.
I'm sure it's nothing the fellas at 
Will Rogers Beach 
haven't heard before.
...except for my rendition of 
"Giants In The Sky"
immediately after.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


11:40 AM - My goodness!  With this illness, work and stage stuff, I'm quite the busy beaver!
Last night's Mismatch game was a hoot... that I'll tell you about later! I'm too busy!

3:30 PM - I should be writing whatever I'm going to perform on Monday night, but I'm updating my blog, instead.

4:23 PM - Did I tell you I saw this in West Hollywood Park earlier today?

4:59 PM - I'm actually writing!! Well, I was, then I stopped to post this.

5:22 PM - Have I shown you my new Dunny?  It's 8 inches!!

5:29 PM - Is my character Reba Areba smart enough to make a statement like, " he just opens his mouth and vomits up words, like he was possessed by the Underwood Devil"?  I like the the typewriter reference that is also a food reference... but does anyone even remember Underwood typewriters?  Does anyone even remember Underwood Devil potted meats?  Arg!  this is why I can never finish writing anything!

5:49 PM - Almost there!  I need a "graceful dismount".

6:00 PM - DONE!!!  Oh my God!  I hope you come to the show Monday night because this may be a pretty good performance of one of my better first drafts!!   Now I have to memorize it.  I'll do that later.  I have to go get muh DAB Glenn, 'cause we're going to dinner, then to see The Mismatch Game!  I love it even when I'm not in it!!

Writing rocks!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - Netflix & ill

I finally succumbed to this cough that's been traveling around.  I honestly thought that I had dodged it, but no.  Here I am coughing my lungs up, feeling like I swallowed razor blades.  Once I felt it coming on, I went to Urgent Care and asked for a Zpac, even though the clinic lady didn't think it would help much.  We'll see if this lasts the usual 3 weeks of this strain.

I got to stay in and watch TV, which has always been a fantasy of mine, but usually, I don't call in sick to work until my illness has totally kicked my ass and all I can do at home all day is sleep.  I am awake for most of the day with this illness.  I caught up on some shows and I will say it was not the best situation for watching the final episode of THE X-FILES, in which the human race's immune systems are knocked out and people start dying these slow sicky deaths.  I watched a few movies and enjoyed STRANGER BY THE LAKE

I finally started watching GRACE AND FRANKIE

This is a show about two women who end up living together after their husbands find love together.  What's interesting to me is that I'm more drawn to Frankie and Grace's story, rather than the men who find gay love in their 70s.  I guess it's obvious why I favor the story of the two ex-wives living together.  It is because, in essence they are dying alone together.  This is exactly what I was imagining when I started this blog; single folk finding comfort and companionship in each other rather than isolating themselves, lamenting that they have not found or have lost love.
As a Gay of A Certain Age, it's important to remember that no matter how old you are, your life situation could change drastically at any moment, (or sadly enough, not change in  any way, at all) and what will be most important is those you will turn to.  Hopefully it'll be someone who is compatable, with a sense of humor and was in one of your favorite movies, ever!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season Officially Begins

Today I got all did up and headed to the West Hollywood Library, where I took part in a Brief History of Drag art thing, where there were a large amount of drag queens.  I did it mostly because the photographer was Austin Young.

Aside from being handsome, he's an awesome photographer and I've always wanted a portrait done by him, so today was my big chance.
After the individual portraits and big group shot, there was a reception in the library and I had a nice time.  Also, I was too pooped to do anything else afterward.  

Next up, on Friday, I will be performing in Dennis Hensley's MISMATCH GAME, as Reba Areba (Not Herve Villachaise, as pictured).   
I'll be supporting the show with my attendance on Saturday night as well.

Monday and Tuesday nights, I will be performing in Kay Sedia's TACO KISSES 
as Reba Areba, then Frieda Laye.  Then, two weeks later, I'll be doing the same thing in Puerto Villarta.  In the mix, there's a few work meetings, rehearsals, writing and stuff.  When ever will I have time for love?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BLOG of a Certain Age - ONE YEAR!

I've been so busy Dying Alone, that I missed my first anniversary!  Back on February 26, I hit one year of blogging!  It's been a fun time pondering, grousing and bragging and I thank you for visiting.

In that year, I have uploaded 275 posts.  When I first started, I was obsessed with blogging every day, but I pulled back some when a reader or two told me slow down.  It became apparent that I wasn't going to have a great "being single" moment every day to write about and sometimes, I almost had to kill somebody or myself, to get to my lap top.  So, here I am, not every day and still single.

I've posted about the few dates I've had, which is five I think...  Hopefully there'll be more in the coming 365, eh?  I've posted about a few personal items, of the emotional and physical variety, that some have thought are embarrassing.  I say, screw that!  I have no shame where human frailties are involved.  I cry over stuff or I can't keep a boner sometimes... big woop!  If anyone can find comfort in knowing that they are not the only ones who feel that way because they read I'm going through it, too, Yay!  If someone is embarrassed for me, it's a waste of shame they obviously need for themselves and time wasted that they could be fucking themselves, as I would suggest they do.
I've mourned the death of family, friend and pets. I've talked about my non-relationship with the man I call my alleged father.  I've posted pictures of imaginary boyfriends.  Mostly, I'm happy that I've used my own photographs to illustrate my feelings and events in my posts.  Save for the few pop-culture pics & GIFs here and there, every photo I use is my own.

My most popular posts are, in order of popularity, about;
Men & Dogs,
Thinking I was fat years ago
My trouble with Jesus Christ

My biggest readership out of the USA is in Germany!

The largest percentage of readers use Firefox.

The biggest referrals to my page come from Facebook and the fabulous KENNETH IN THE 212.
Thank you, Kenneth!

I've posted of 70 pictures of shirtless men!

Most of all, I've enjoyed myself.  I hope you enjoy it, too, because there's more to come!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gay Of A Certain Age - Is He Talking To Me?

This is my buddy, Geoff.  We used to hang out quite a bit before he moved to Houston.
Here you see us doing something outdoors and physicalistic & stuff- that's how it used to be for me;
Meet up with Geoff & his girlfriend, load up the dogs and go climb a hill or something.  Since he's moved away, I don't do much of that any more.  I'm not blaming him for my getting fat, but it was kind of selfish of him not to think of that before moving away.

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I've realized that it's important to consider the friends in your life and what influence they have on you.  I always felt grateful for having a friend in Geoff, but I never even considered the subtle influence he had on my physical well being.  We never went to the gym together and I never took his kickboxing class, but our regular hang out time did include fun, active stuff, (made extra fun with his goofy dogs).  Geoff moved away 3 years ago and I've gone to visit him twice and in that time, he's opened up his own DoJo Fitness place.  We still keep in touch, but I'm a little upset that instead of telling me that I'm fat, to my face, he put out this video for the whole world to see!

Thanks a lot, Geoff!