Saturday, January 12, 2019

Gay of A Certain Age - Something To Look Forward To This Year

For those of you who were concerned about my monthly drama, you know, the fear of flipping the page of my hot nekked man calendar and seeing a dead porn star, (as experienced many a time with Colt Men calendars, ) I have mostly good news!  I am happy to report that all through 2018 I flipped 12 months and not one dead porn star!!  In that aspect, Raging Stallion did not let me down.  Where I have a quibble with Raging Stallion is that along with the large picture of the hot nekked man, the days of the month are listed at the bottom of the page, vertically, like little strips of paper on a flyer nailed to a utility post on the sidewalk advertising guitar lessons from Ramon.  Call me crazy, but in a calendar, the days should be featured a little bit more.  As you can see here in my favorite month of 2018, March, featuring Bruno Bernal, there along the bottom are the days that in no way help me determine how many Fridays there are in a month with just a glance. especially when my glance is distracted by his seahorse.
Bruno Bernal

Here's where part of this is my own fault, I don't like to preview.  I prefer to flip the page not knowing who's going to be on the page for the month.  It's an exciting little mystery that makes the passage of time a little less like a stab in the heart.  Because I do that, I can't look at the calendar page to see if the days are presented in a grid or in little phone number slips on the bottom.  So, hoping for a grid, I left Raging Stallion and moved to Hot House.  As you can see from the top photo, Austin Wolf is on the cover of the calendar... He's both one of my favorites and alive, so we're off to a good start. 

Unfortunately, as you can see from the January page, it's a Call Ramon For Lessons situation.

Arad Winwin

I'll deal with it.  It helps that Mr. January is another current favorite, Arad Winwin!  While I may not be able to determine what day it is right away, this month will always remind me of the day I got to actually cozy up wth Arad...

Me (Reba Areba), Arad Winwin
Speaking of calendars, the last time I got to touch this nice hottie, we were shooting the 
Best In Drag Show 2019 Pin up Calendar!

I told you about Best In Drag Show, right?

Anyway, I got to hang around these hotties for hours, creating the visions that people would be seeing for months at a time in 2019.
Alam Wernik, Arad Winwin,  me, Remy Cruz

Arad Winwin, Alam Wernik, Remy Cruz
Me (Reba Areba), Alam Wernik

My month partner was Alam Wernik and I think we did our month proud!

If you've neglected to get your 2019 Calendar and the men of Hot House are too racy with their cocks out, but seeing cute man tushy is as naughty as you wanna get, you can get your BIDS 2019 Pin up Calendar HERE

Physical calendars may seem obsolete, what with fancy computers and their Outlook programs and such, but as a Gay of A Certain Age, I know that a friendly face & cock along with a daily confirmation can make the days passing a more pleasant reminder that we're one day closer to death.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Going Down in the New Year

It happened again this year.  I put up my Christmas tree and no one, besides myself, saw it.  I had no friends over, no overnight guests, or even quickie hour guests...  Even I didn't have much time to enjoy it, what with my busy schedule, running off to El Paso for a few days of the holiday, then dog sitting the moment I got back.  It's quite alright, I enjoyed the evening I put it up; with holiday songs playing, candles lit, and me sipping super-creamy coffee and reminiscing over some of my travel ornaments.  Besides, it wasn't my best tree decorating job...
Also, on the few nights I got to spend a little time alone at home, it was a nice, warm addition to my home.  I don't know if it was that lovely warmth, with the colorful lights and fun ornaments, or just cleverly disguised laziness, but I was considering leaving the tree up all year 'round and changing the ornaments & lights to suit the individual holiday!
...Then I pictured myself talking to it and actually carrying on conversations with it.
Crap, if I'm gonna have full on conversations with inanimate objects, it's gonna be that hunky mannequin I saw on Amazon... You know, it'd stand in the corner, all handsome-like, set up in different poses and wearing clothing to fit the season or holiday, I'd name him something fun like Otto or Kleeg...

No, on second thought, a tree for a few weeks in December is fine.  I'd hate for Kleeg to feel lonely or be jealous of my terribly busy schedule.

P.S.  It is an appropriate time to take down your tree, or holiday decor. Do it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year - 2019!

So, this year, I left the pajamas at home and joined my friends for a turn at playing You Don't Know My Life, (you know that game my friends, Dennis Hensley & Jeb Stevens invented) for the last few hours of 2018.  It was a very nice time and I got out of the house!  The only regretful part of the night was following uo the game with a hot fudge sundae at Bob's Big Boy.  It was delicious, but probably not something I needed at 2:30AM.

I started up the new year with a repeat of last year's first activity, the pajama brunch at Stella Barra!
I had a breakfast pizza-all by myself!  We followed up the brunch with a movie- SECOND ACT starring Jennifer Lopez.  We were entertained for all the wrong reasons- while the cast is great, the movie is pretty bad... but we were entertained!  Then, I came home and fell into a mini-coma.
The day was gone and I had no time to ponder what fantastic and life-altering changes I am gonna make in my life for the new year.  All I know for sure is that I need to slow down this huge carousel I'm on and find some time to be me and to make more room for romance, or at least, movies I really wanna see! Can you believe I still haven't seen HALLOWEEN or CRAZY RICH ASIANS??