Thursday, December 22, 2022

Gay of a Certain Age - Don't Monkey Around with the Pox


Listen, I know how important it is to do the preventative stuff, even though I don't always do it. (Exercise is one of those things I'm still trying to get to.)  So, I immediately jumped on board the Monkey Pox Vaccine train, back in August.  It's a potentially deadly disease that gets passed on through bodily contact, NOT JUST GAY SEX.  But, let's not be too quick to dismiss the gay sex part of that!  Some of us engage in that sort of thing.  Some of us wish they engaged in that sort of thing more often. Some of us wonder if they'll ever engage in that sort of thing ever again!
Some of us are desperate!!!!

I must say, that even though I am not having the sex very often... slightly often... whatever, it's still important to be prepared and take precautions. With my luck the one time I have sex with someone, it would probably be with someone who has it, or worse, I might be carrying it unknowingly and pass it on to someone else.

So I got the two vaccinations and feel better now. I felt better then, when I got the second dose,

 in time to be effective by the time I left for my whirlwind birthday trip to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin.  I thought it would be best to have all the vaccinations I could if I'd be travelling internationally.  Wait, didn't I tell you about my Birthday trip? 

That was in September/October!  Goodness. I think I owe you guys a few posts!

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know how important it is to vaccinate against threats to your health and others'... I'll regret getting a disease, but I'd be mortified to death if I gave a preventable disease to anyone!
Vax up kids!

While it hasn't gotten super crazy, it's still happening.