Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - A Taste of Evil

I'm in the final weeks of my quest to lose weight and recreate my friend Geoff's "at 50" photo.

I've done pretty well by simply cutting out snacking and not eating badly.  That's pretty easy during the week when I can have a salad at lunch and grab a small salad on the way home from work.  It is much more difficult on the weekend when evil friends call for brunch.  Like when muh EVIL DAB, Glenn called and said let's go to that Salt's Cure spin-off.  What was I supposed to say? "No"?  And before I got there, did I even suspect those assholes would have gluten-free griddlecakes?  I had no idea and those assholes DID have gluten-free griddle cakes, with apples even!  I thought I was just gonna have an egg over-easy and a sniff of bacon, but no, I ordered THIS:

I could blame myself, but why, when it was that asshole Glenn who suggested the place and those Salt's Cure assholes who bothered to consider my gluten disability!  FUCK THEM!!

And then, on Sunday, before going to see the fabulous Miss Coco Peru, (with a "friend"?) we went to the dinner serving Salt's Cure and had a reasonable salad and a Negroni (and a half).  I felt good and lite sitting there laughing at Miss Coco's show.

After the show my "Friend'? and I said our goodbyes and I was left with a post-show buzz.  I simply had to share my appreciation of the show with someone and, luckily, muh DAB Dennis Hensley was saying his goodbyes to Miss Coco, after which, I offered to accompany him to food.  We went to Lala's on Melrose.

It's a delightful restaurant with a fairly varied menu, of which I parttake from time to time at lunch with muh Work buds.  Well, Dennis ordered his meal and I had already eaten so I decided I would not order any food and sit and simply enjoy his company. I had the flan.


Luckily, I've kept up with the other minimal actions of my plan and this morning I was at my lowest point, yet!  I don't know how much I'll lose before October 3, or how I will look, but I do know that this weekend's missteps were not detrimental.  That THAT, Glenn, Breakfast by Salt's Cure, Dennis Hensley and Lala's!!  Looks like if I do get fat, it won't be because of you... as much as you tried!!

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon after working hard to get something done, but I also know that he wagon doesn't move all that fast, so I can always catch up and jump right back on!

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