Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Which Craft?

Hey!! I'm not dead, but I'm dead exhausted!  Too busy to post and definitely too busy for love!!
I've had a whirlwind year and currently I am in the midst of a drag hurricane!  I've been with the drag stuff taking a great portion of my time, I've barely had a chance to breath. ...And go to New York for a weekend.  BUT... just because I'm currently working my full time job and rehearsing two shows, it doesn't mean I can't spend my few precious moments of alone time crafting a few Halloween cards!  I made a few especially for you, my dear Reader(s) (s?)!

Please enjoy these sexy but disturbing cards I made with my own hands, scissors and glue sticks to whisk me away from my overstuffed schedule.

Do you have a favorite?  I can't decide which I like most; the beefy zombie, the hung skull or just getting some Pinhead.  Whichever one you like the most, have a

What am I rehearsing for?  Oh, well, if I must say, it's these 2 shows!

We are doing Episode 5 of Chico's Angels at the Colony Theatre in Burbank for one weekend and our Christmas Variety Show on Thanksgiving weekend in Silverlake, in our home, The Cavern Club Theater.  Of course, you can get tickets at Chico's Angels' website.

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