Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Holidaze!

People, you wouldn't believe how busy I've been!  I'd say from September to now, I've been moving at such a speed that my body finally kicked my ass and knocked me down for two days!  With an already busy schedule, I've performed in a few Chico's Angels shows, both in Los Angeles and Palm Springs and competed in and won a drag beauty pageant, visited New York and tried very hard to view materials to nominate actors for the SAG awards. ( I was on the TV nominating committee and let me tell you, there is just too much great television out there!)  Rehearsals, performances, meetings and a few social obligations have kept me too busy to post, too busy to keep my home in order and certainly, too busy for love!  I spent two days in bed with a cold/exhaustion and have spent the last few days in El Paso for the Christmas, clutching my Dayquil and trying not to hack up too much.  I'm having a nice time with family and friends, but I was grateful for this brief moment to myself, which has allowed me to finally post something here, and in a few minutes, take a nap!

I am so behind in photo editing, but believe me, I have some great shots to share with you, like these two from Palm Springs Pride in November!

Sadly, I'm actually still editing pics from Long Beach Pride in MAY!  I am so far behind!
Well, I might as well share a fresh May edit, right?
Anyway, I've had a very busy year and hopefully I'll be back more frequently to share with you the tragedies and delights of being single and looking for someone to die alone with!