Monday, December 16, 2019

Gay of A Certain Age - Not this Year, Stupid Tree!

Gentle reader, as you may recall, several past Christmases have ended the same way; me, listening to post-Christmas Chris Isaak, sipping prosecco from a cute little glass and falling into a weeping heap of alone, flailing because I realized no one saw my tree.  "Not this year," I say!!   I have outsmarted my elusive tree, that I swear points with all its branches and laughs at me when I open that front door and am alone; no friend, no neighbor, no desperate guy who wants to be touched by ANYONE with a pulse. Just me.  This year I took an event, well, the only event I have that brings people into my home every year, CRAFT NIGHT, and made it a Pop Up Christmas Card Crafting Adventure!

Here's the very necessary Disclaimer: Sorry you weren't invited!
The guest list was very small and consisted of a few Craft Night Originals and other people who have recently had me in their home. When what very little was said was done, I had 7 guests altogether who could make it and that was the perfect amount.  I wanted to get back to basics and actually sit & talk & craft with everybody, rather than playing host and making sure everyone was alright with food, drink, snacks and parking permits.  And that's what happened.  Also, now at least 7 people have seen my Christmas tree!
And now, so have you!

It was a nice small, but lively group and we crafted and laughed and caught up and created some really fun cards.

Take a look at some cards!

And some of mine...

This may be my favorite creation this year.
Love Connie
is such a treat!

Of Course, there were some Naughty ones you can see HERE

I really appreciate my friends, especially the ones with eyes who have bared witness to my Christmas Tree.  ...And since I'm showing of my tree, here are some favorite ornaments

I got this one at!
Would my tree be the tree of a Gay of a Certain Age without it?

I thought it would be fun to get us each a coordinating Merman ornament as a gift.
(except Steven; I couldn't find one with a crown of thorns!)
I got them from December Diamonds on Amazon

Shannon Van Pelt

Why, yes, that is a MEAN GIRLS THE MUSICAL ornament!
Would my tree be the tree of a Gay of a Certain Age without it?

So, aside from going to Disneyland, you can find other scary ornaments at Horrornaments

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know that when I put up a Christmas tree each year, that I do it to make myself happy and cheerful whether anybody sees it or not.  I also knows it's super nice when people do see it, so it's a great excuse to invite people into my home to see it!

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