Tuesday, April 14, 2020

So Gay!- I'm Way Mask

I am so gay, that I tried to make my own protective face mask out of an old airplane sleep mask, an old quinceaƱera dress and some glue.  You see, I'm not so gay that I can sew.  Well, it was an okay try, but the fumes from the glue (which was not specifically fabric glue) got to be too much.  So I moved on to something else just before I passed out.  This something else came by way of an email from Starrfucker Magazine- One of my favorites!

I was instantly attracted to the GAGGED face mask, so I ordered it!
The graphic is a little larger than I expected, but I love it! And, while I'm one of the hottest models in my home, it probably looks better on people with necks.

Then, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw they had a face mask featuring Chris Rockway,
whom you might remember I fell in love with when I took his picture at LA Pride 2008 (so gay!) 

You can imagine my delight as I tried it on.  I figured, if I can't have him in my mouth, I'll have him on it!  I'm very excited to wear it!  There are even some naughty bits, but you can't see them on account of I have no neck.

The Chris Rockway face mask has a so many images of hunky Chris on it that I can wear it so many ways and never see the same Chris twice!  There are 360 full degrees of hot to display all over my face!

Yes, I am aware that these masks are only to protect other people from my spittle or snotage- even though there is almost no chance of me having it because I almost never leave my home!  Cripes, I even only check the mail every 3 days!  

Well, I love my face masks so much, that I went for a walk around the block and enjoyed the sunshine and some Spring flowers for 7 minutes.   

If you'd like to be So Gay! as to sport one or more (There are many to choose from!) designs you can get them HERE.  There are also other fine merchandises for sale including art, pins, mags & more!

I may go get groceries tonight, because of my masks!

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