Monday, May 16, 2022

Nicole Kidman has been replaced with _______

Please watch this SPECIAL Mismatch Game Video
(Press to play)

Dennis Hensley's
returns to the Renberg Theater at
the LA LGBT Center!

Dennis has been putting the show up
as a fund raiser for the Center since 2004.
This weekend we're expected to hit the
$200,000 Raised mark!
That's a lot of unmatched blanks!
That's right, I said UNmatched,
because at this game,
the "Celebrities" aren't likely to give any expected answers!
As a matter of fact,
one of my favorite moments, ever,
was when Jackie Beat, playing Bea Arthur,
"Matched" the contestant with the totally obvious answer...

Then, yelled, "Of course, that's not my answer!"
and crumpled the answer card...
...s l o w l y
I could not stop laughing.

OMG, I love doing this show!
It's so much fun and the audience always has a great time.

I'm lucky to be up on the stage with all these hilarious people,
Especially Jackie Beat 
(Also, Maile Flanagan, Rebekah Kochan, Dante and Tom Lenk)

Julie Brown

Tom Lenk

Ah, heck... there's just too many mention!
here's a sampling of the funny people I've laughed with
Dennis Hensley, Big winner contestant lady, Willam,
Chris Pudlo, Cher Ferreyra, Jackie Beat, Sam Pancake.

Nadya Ginsburg, Jackie Beat, Marc Samuel,
Willam, Chris Pudlo, Daniele Gaither

Patrick Bristow, Sam Pancake, Maile Flanagan,
Nicol Paone, Ted Biaselli, Tom Lenk

Felix Pire, Dennis Hensley, me, Julie Brown, 
Chris Pudlo, Nadya Ginsburg, Jackie Beat

As a panelist, you can always tell the game is going well, 
when Host, Dennis Hensley,
folds over with laughter

This show is always a blast and I love doing it 
SO much!
My favorite is when someone's schedule gets screwed up
and I get to do it twice in one weekend!
Like this time!

Please join us for 2 nights of hilarity
and belly laughs
Saturday at 8pm
and Sunday at 7pm!

Get your tickets at Eventbrite!


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