Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Too Busy To Post! - Drag Season Out of Control!

Hello!  No I haven't died and I haven't forgotten about yous guys, it's just that these first few weeks of June have been crazy busy for me and I've barely gotten a chance to get to my laptop.  You may be horrified to know that  I'm still editing photos from December! Yeah, THAT busy.  What with finishing a run of VIVA LAS CHICAS in L.A., doing a screenplay reading (in drag), jetting off to New York, back to work for a day, then off to Palm Spring for a 3 night run of VIVA LAS CHICAS, then back home to dog sit, work, and get my place back in order for a sisterly visit, working on finally getting my taxes done, then prepping for a quick weekend trip back to El Paso...  I barely have time to breathe.  So, while I'm in this whirlwind, I can at least post a HE DON'T EVEN KNOW PARADE, featuring photos of men on the street in L.A., whom I find attractive, imaginary boyfriend material.

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