Sunday, January 6, 2019

Going Down in the New Year

It happened again this year.  I put up my Christmas tree and no one, besides myself, saw it.  I had no friends over, no overnight guests, or even quickie hour guests...  Even I didn't have much time to enjoy it, what with my busy schedule, running off to El Paso for a few days of the holiday, then dog sitting the moment I got back.  It's quite alright, I enjoyed the evening I put it up; with holiday songs playing, candles lit, and me sipping super-creamy coffee and reminiscing over some of my travel ornaments.  Besides, it wasn't my best tree decorating job...
Also, on the few nights I got to spend a little time alone at home, it was a nice, warm addition to my home.  I don't know if it was that lovely warmth, with the colorful lights and fun ornaments, or just cleverly disguised laziness, but I was considering leaving the tree up all year 'round and changing the ornaments & lights to suit the individual holiday!
...Then I pictured myself talking to it and actually carrying on conversations with it.
Crap, if I'm gonna have full on conversations with inanimate objects, it's gonna be that hunky mannequin I saw on Amazon... You know, it'd stand in the corner, all handsome-like, set up in different poses and wearing clothing to fit the season or holiday, I'd name him something fun like Otto or Kleeg...

No, on second thought, a tree for a few weeks in December is fine.  I'd hate for Kleeg to feel lonely or be jealous of my terribly busy schedule.

P.S.  It is an appropriate time to take down your tree, or holiday decor. Do it!

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