Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Horror Holidays 2020!

Hello, Gentle Reader,
     Along with a new, gayer Christmas tree, I've put up a smaller Spewky Christmas tree and I wanted you to see that, too!

As you know I really enjoy the Horror and the Disneyland, so I bought a couple of cute ornaments when I succumbed to that gas they pump into the air at Disneyland that makes you want to buy, buy, buy!  Little did I know that this innocent little Jack Skellington ornament from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS would lead to so much more.

After this found its way onto my Christmas tree, I had to get it friends...

Then, sometime in September, I was at Son of Monster Palooza promoting my show PERFECT HALLOWEEN...

...when I saw the cutest ornaments, I just had to get them!  Plus, I do enjoy supporting the crafters!

These two are by Shannon Van Pelt

After that, it's as if someone was reading my mind, or spying on my browsing habits... and I somehow found my way to HORRORnaments and bought enough of them to put up a Halloween tree! I actually bought the tree from them.  Then, I thought, 'why take down the tree?' and I ended up with these Horrornaments with the others through Christmastime...

And, because I also love Dunnys, I plunked my Krampus Dunny down at the base of the tree.

Because I'm working from home on account of the Covid, I see this all day everyday, because it shares my dining table with my workspace. 

I feel so lucky to share my Gay Tree and Horror Holiday Tree with you and hope that I've spread a little bit of holiday cheer in this year of suckiness!


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