Wednesday, June 1, 2022

MisDrag Pride-GameCon 2: The $200,00 Mismatch Game


Caught by Felix Pire

Drag Season rages on and the Mismatch Game weekend
was a whirlwind adventure that I will treasure for many blog-posts to come!

As you can see from our promo, 
I got to do two nights!
I love doing this show!

The first night, 
I had fun with Reba Areba having landed an endorsement deal with
Halle Pena's Jalapenos.
I made labels and put them over actual products 
and did live tasting of stuff like 
candied jalapenos and a large gummi jalapeno.
It's fun to do the tasting and have the silly reactions to taste (and burn, in this case)

I am grateful I got to play with these fabulous folk...




LORY TATOULIAN, Sharon Osbourne

JOHN HILL, Nicole Kidman


I love this pre-show shot
caught by Felix Pire

It certainly was a blast to do the show, 
and a lot more comfortable when I ditched my nacho poncho 
and did the rest of the night in my hot bikini.

I was very appreciative of the folks who came to see the show
including, but not limited to...

On the second night, because I truly believe there are a few audience members
who come to both shows,
I switched up my Reba Areba game
and went with her going through the night with the attitude of being
the New Nicole Kidman.
A highlight of that, for me, was when she got a phone call
from Baz Lehrman to tell her she has been cast in the role that Nicole turned down in
An epic musical adventure, 
co-staring Hugh Jackman
as the man helping her make her way from Azuza to West Covina
in mid-day traffic.
The audience seemed to be excited for it.

Anyhow,  here are the second night folk I feel lucky to play with...


JULIE BROWN, Queen Elizabeth II

TOM LENK, Tilda Swinton

MARC SAMUEL, Morgan Freeman

LORY TATOULAIN, Sharon Osbourne, again!

The show started with the Reba Areba AMC spoof
both nights and the audience seemed to appreciate it...
Thanks, Greg Hernandez, for capturing this

It was a lovely night to be on the panel 
Thanks, Greg Hernandez, for capturing this

Virginia Lea Anderson caught the moment comedy legend, Bruce Vilanch, 
was called up as a contestant

And, then, she made it up on stage, herself!

Later, Steve Carrabis caught this moment of me capturing a moment...

Steve caught me capturing the moment Dennis Hensley 
was awarded a plaque for his service and also to commemorate the night
that we reached a fundraising amount of $200,000
for the LA LGBT Center
by doing this show
since 2004

Tegr Michael Powell caught the moment as well.
It also marked the last live show under Jon Imperato,
who is retiring very soon. 

Tegr Michael Powell also caught me helping out
with the final round, because our usual perky assistant, John Carrozza,
was out... prolly picking out an outfit for the AZUSA! premier.

All in all, it was an exciting show with some nice surprises and 
a heck of a lot to celebrate!

And, of course, aside from the fabulous people I got to share a stage with,
there were the fabulous people who came to watch!

Tegr Michael Powell  (and Ken Kleiber)

Phyllis Vieau & Virginia Lea Anderson

Steve Carrabis

Darren Rafel

Devin, Chris & Diego

Bill Pitzonka & Kevin Robinson

Daniel Cohen

Cute Guy who let me touch him.

It was all a wonderful time and I had a blast 
and I want it to happen a heck of a lot more times!

Did I forget to mention that before Saturday's show, 
I was invited by Frank & Jim to participate
in a Pride Eve event for 
It was an interesting experience for me
because sometimes when I do interview stuff, 
I'm not sure whether to answer as myself or whichever character I am being...
This time, I found a weird middle ground between self & character.
I hope that didn't render my stuff unusable...
In any case it was a great experience
and an honor to help raise funds for 

You, too, can help these organizations
by popping over to 
and ordering a Pride Flag
(20 styles to choose from!)

What an eventful 
Drag Season weekend!
with more to come..!

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