Saturday, November 5, 2022

Halloween in WeHo 2022

Despite my deep desire to just stay in this Halloween night, 
I found myself in downtown WeHo singing 
You're The One That I Want
with 7 Bad Sandies.

Originally, I was going to stay in...
Then, my friend, Chris Pudlo, invited me to a party at his home.
I thought, "I'll do that. It's nearby and I can see costumed people
as I walk there - Away from downtown WeHo."
Then, muh DAB, Dudley informed me that he 
and a few of our friends were going to hang out and watch something
before they head out to the boulevard starting at 2 or 3 pm.
Feeling a little tired of work, I thought,
"Well, I can start out with them and walk over to Chris' from
downtown WeHo."

I took a few personal hours away from work,
slapped on my laziest costume in years and joined Dudley and the fellas.
When I got there, there was less watching something
and more 7 guys getting into Bad Sandy drag.
It promised to be a a fun group costume.
And, it was!

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time to hit the streets.
It was only a little before 6, so I had a few hours to kill before the party.
I remained with the Sandies, carrying their music source as  
You're The One That I Want
played on an endless loop.

The Bad Sandies were a hit!
Channel 5 news ate them up

Folks on the street loved them

And a savvy DJ put 
You're The One That I Want
on the moment the Sandies walked into Gym Bar
and the crowd went wild!
Everyone joined in.

Despite my worries of a rogue Halloween mob taking over the streets of WeHo,
it turns out that it was busy, but not scary crazy crowded, 
so I felt relaxed enough to hang with the Sandies awhile...

(Fake cigarettes; the Sandies weren't THAT bad!)

Before I knew it,
it was 10pm
and I was pooped.
I sent Chris psychic regrets and 
walked home.

All in all, 
it was a nice, fun evening out
and I got a bunch of pics
on the street and in bars
Motherload, Heart and Gym Bar.

I also got to see a few friends on the street...
Like, John Coulter
You may recall that he made my wonderfully delicious

Additionally, I got some fun shots
of holiday celebrations, spewky stuff 
and hot guys.

P.S. this is a public apology to Chris Pudlo
for not showing up to the party after accepting his invitation.

Can anyone name this actor?


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