Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - The Big Five-Oh! Part 2

Hello, Again!  To continue, I threw a bunch of clothes in my 1 big suit case and a bunch of snacks in my carry on bag.  I flew Qantas, so I expected it would be a decent seat in economy (only because of a rescheduling, I couldn't get business class at booking and my $1,000 bid for an upgrade was, apparently, insufficient).  My 13 hour flight was torturous when I tried to sleep, but I did fall in love with RIVERDALE while I was awake and watching inflight entertainment.
Riverdale is a great show based on the Archie comics with a TWIN PEAKSy vibe and I was able to watch 11 of the 13 episodes!  Anyway, I finally got to Aukland, New Zealand, as the sun was coming up.

I loved the welcoming entry way at the airport with recordings of natives singing playing...

I was very happy with my accommodations...

Very pleased with the view

And very pleased with the view of mens on the street... 

I will say I was disappointed that my planned excursion was cancelled due to rain... lots of come & go rain.  Not one to waste a day, I left my warm & dry accommodations and walked around the city.
I stopped for a proper breakfast...

I stopped to enjoy a rose garden

I enjoyed the architecture

I took shelter from the very come & go rain...

...I stopped to take fun, moody self portraits...

When I finally reached the Sky Tower I had seen in the distance

I hopped a bus that took me around the city, which was a really satisfying journey.  I got to see stuff I wouldn't have seen wandering around on foot!

I'm also happy to say I enjoyed the night life here as well!  Muh DAB, Dennis Hensley told me to be sure to look up his friend, Nate when I got there, so I did! I called Nate, we met up and went out to a few clubs.

I think my favorite was Family, where we were immediately greeted by this queen
who readily posed for my camera and showed us what we were in for...

I also enjoyed the fellas there

The show concluded as they awarded a The Rock kind of looking guy something, I couldn't tell because of the noise and blinding hotties.

We took that as our cue to call it a night and spilled out on to the street, where the enjoyment was continuing for others...

All in all I enjoyed my short time in Aukland, a beauty that my photos haven't fully conveyed, and a great special thanks to Nate Beal, who showed my a fabulous time... and allowed me to capture this fab moments in one of those other clubs.

Now on to Christchurch!!

(Disclaimer: for the sake of briefness and sanity this entry covers Sept 30-Oct 2, as two nights were spent in each destination on this trip)

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