Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - The Big Five-Oh!

Where the Fu@% have I been??  Did I abandon my blog like a typical CBS Monday night comedy ( is THAT still on??)  I know, I was blogging about my approaching birthday then, ... "what the whaaa?" I disappear.  Don't get too upset folks, I told you I was very busy!  That includes right up until the point that I boarded a plane at 11:30 pm Thursday night, Sept 30.  I had so little time, I'm surprised I had enough clothes packed.  My week leading up to my departure included a full day at Disneyland to celebrate my pal, Oscar's birthday

A trip to the theatre to see Melissa Peterman in HEARTBREAK HELP with muh DAB, Mike Pingel

Another trip to another theatre to see some TV Favorites in a play reading of DINNER AT FIVE with muh DABS, Mike and Terry Ray

I loved meeting Peter Brady, Christopher Knight

...and the New Gidget, Caryn Richman

...and Sissy, Kathy Garver

Then, there was the super delightful and totally surprising Surprise Birthday Party thrown for me at The Village Idiot put together by my friends, Oscar, Dennis Hensley, Brett Freedman & Mike!

Jared Hillman & Oscar


Dennis & Glenn Gaylord


The event was also a Roast and while a few people hit their nails on the head, Muh DAB Dudley Beene really drove it home!
He was hilarious with his take down of me and a few fellow party guests. (Re: my drag character Reba Areba he said, "I haven't seen a more useless spinoff since THE TORTELLIS")
It really was a special evening that warmed my heart and reminded me that while I feel like I'm gonna die alone, I won't be alone while I do it!

Finally, the night before my departure, I donned a dress & slap and did a Chico's Angels Live event on Facebook with guest, The Hottest Little Henna Head on MTV, Julie Brown!
She is a doll and I love and I want to take her home and put her next to my Dunnys!

...Goodness, I'm already pooped telling you about being surprised that I got packed at all...
I'll tell you more tomorrow!