Sunday, December 3, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Drag the Halls

Gentle readers, I have not forgotten about you!  I've just been too busy to post!
No, it's true!  You see the Friday after Thanksgiving I couldn't even think of meeting a potential suitor nor post because I had rehearsal for the show that opened Saturday afternoon!

Chico's Angels in Feliz Navidivas opened, we did three shows on Saturday, three shows on Sunday, then a show on Monday and Tuesday night! I was pooped!!

I did enjoy fun visits from fun folk like Greg In Hollywood, Greg Hernandez

Julie Brown

Debbie Gibson

and super hottie Wilmer Valderrama

As well as a few hottie mens

I snuck in a movie with friends...

Add to that needing to deal with all the press and fans clamoring for autographs, all because
Chico's Angels have become cover models!  We are on the cover and featured in the December issue of THE FIGHT MAGAZINE

We were photographed by Dusti Cunningham and joined by reliable hunk, Duke Shoman.

As a matter of fact, as soon as I'm done posting this I'm rushing off to see darling, Natalie Lander sing her butt off in HOME ALONE

 Then, later this evening I travel to Atwater Village to catch BOB'S HOLIDAY OFFICE PARTY again, because 21 times isn't enough!

Then, I have to prep for my trip to New York later this week... I've been sneaking in loads of laundry where I could the past couple of days.  I'm so super busy!
I couldn't even play catch up with you guys, much less even think of shopping for and meeting a date! Too busy for love!!

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