Friday, September 14, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Dream Weaver

I found the following on a dating site:

Here is my dream list (which I dont expect to find in one man...but very willing to be wrong):
* an intellectual jock (any age),
* bottom-verse,
* passionate about a humanistic profession,
* emotionally steady, financially modest, great communicator, healthy habits, consistent disposition,
* shorter, darker, and beefier than me, with short hair or a bald head
* beard, mustache, or scruffy,
* enjoys some sexual creativity (e.g. leather gear, toys, role-play, etc).

Yeah, why not just add "*spews Queso Dip when he cums" and "*farts sugar cookie scented glitter"!

Yes, I want those things, also, and it's frustrating because I think all of that is unattainable in one package.  BUT, if I apply those things to myself, I find I'm at least 90% of that list!  Aren't I?  If so, why doesn't the guy who made this list want me, or why can't I find a me for a me???

This is why I am single; While I find that my dream list isn't necessarily impossible, why can't I be it for someone or date myself???

P.S. I'm not sure what financially modest means, does that mean doesn't make a lot of money? Because... yeah!

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