Saturday, November 20, 2021

Gay of A Certain Age - The Birthday Booty!!

You read how much I enjoyed my birthday celebration and how I gave a special shout out to Bryan Fuller for the fabulous Jason Voorhees facemask he gifted me (pictured above), but I wanted to mention the other wonderful gifts I received.

First, my co-worker, Christina surprised me with thus cute pumpkin in a birthday hat and some candy as a nice acknowledgement of my special day.  So sweet!

As for the other gifts, as a Gay of A Certain Age, I have what I need and a bunch of stuff I want, so I have created a wish list on the Amazons that holds items that I would enjoy and would purchase for myself, to make it easy for those who want to get me something.  I can't tell you how much I've appreciated other peoples' wish lists, after stressing about stuff I don't know whether they'd enjoy or not.

Now, I'll brag about my birthday booty, like a happy gay pirate!

This is a Leatherface bust, suitable for hanging on my spooky Halloween tree! 
...which I just put up last week.
 ...Look, I was busy, Buddy!

This is the Original Cast Recording of 
I wartched the movie on the Prime and really enjoyed it. 
 I have plans to see the live show at the Ahmanson Theatre in early 2022!

This is IN THE HEIGHTS on the Blu-Ray!!
I loved the stage show and I really enjoyed the movie!!
I get so excited when there's a movie musical to get on the DVD!

I'm so happy to get these books by Grady Hendrix. 
During the lockdown, I got back into reading and I had a blast reading
so I put these 2 books by the same author on my wish list.
I'm excited to get to them, but currently I am reading 
CHRISTINE by Stephen King, 
followed by
by Steven Reigns

My brother got me this 
knock off pillow.
I didn't realize how much this would make me smile when I put it on my wish list.
I swear, every time I look at it
I get this goofy smile.
I feel a little guilty about it being a knock-off and 
I think it would probably be worth the original's $400 cost,
but I think that might be rude to include an item of that price on a wish list.

I received a few more items, but these are the ones I have photos of.  I have these pics, because I like to send an acknowledgement and "Thank you" when I receive them.  As a Gay of A Certain Age,
I know how important it is to be grateful and let people know that you are!

Thank you!!!

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