Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Gay of A Certain Age - My HOT DOG Birthday

It's My Birthday, I'll Dance on a Box if I want to... And I did!

With so much going on, I was too busy to actually plan a birthday celebration, but I didn't want to ignore the day.  What I ended up doing was recalling the fun time I had hosting HOT DOG in July and realizing that that'd be a nice place to hang out and have friends join as they please.  It worked out nicely.  I posted this on the Facebooks invites

and before I knew it, I was celebrating with my friends and laughing it up! 

Dear friends, Brett and Andrew, volunteered to drive me there so I wouldn't have to worry about driving home toasted.  Muh DAB, Glenn, agreed to drive me home. TEAMWORK!!

As the night started, I danced on a box in a jockstrap, as a warm-up

 I think I might have scared that guy away... him thinking that I was the poor quality of dancers for the evening...   Club King, Mario Diaz, didn't seem to mind and welcomed me with open arms

AND sexy dancers

Seeing as we arrived just as the club was starting up, we had time to claim a table and relax...

...Get our Hot Dog on

...And introduce ourselves to the evening's dancers
Hi, Zaddy!!!

Friends began to show up and enjoy the late afternoon and Hot Dogs

I'm at an age where I pretty much have what I need and a bunch of what I want, but gifts are always nice, but not necessary at birthday time. With that in mind, Bryan Fuller gets a special shout out for gifting me with the most NEATO present!  A Jason Voorhees facemask signed by Tom Savini!

We took a quick Birthday pic, before the club started getting too crazy and we couldn't be seen in a group.

Suddenly the place was filled up and I was more and more delighted as friends arrived and blended into the relish of my Hot Dog Birthday!

Hot Dog Break!

Spot favorite Specialty Actor, Adam Russo, in the crowd Break!

I couldn't believe how quickly the night flew by and it came time to bid the El Cid a good night!

So, home I went and fell asleep with visions of Hot Dog Fairies dancing in my dreams...

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know the importance of having wonderful friends, good times and hottie dancers all around.  Thank you, Mario Diaz, El Cid, Club Hot Dog, Zaddy and my dear, dear friends, even those who were there in spirit.

Until next time!

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