Sunday, December 12, 2021

S'up, Muh DAB? - Is this Bye Bye?

 It's not easy losing a DAB!

Take heed,
you can't assume your
Die Alone Buddy 
is forever!

Take muh former
DAB, Brett.
We met circa 2000,
as his long term relationship
with a super sweet hot guy
was ending.
We met while I was doing a show called

Since then,
we had been hanging out,
traveling and celebrating together

Celebrating Easter

like the fun times would never end,
as if we would enjoy dying alone together.

Over the years,
we formed a great 
Group of DABS

and we'd hang out and do 
crazy crap together all the time.

We made up special nights,
like "Iron-On Night",
where we'd gather to create our own iron-on t-shirts.

This 9 TO 5 iron-on went horribly wrong!

Actually, we've gathered to do a bunch of stuff like
dress up Barbie dolls in fancy clothings

Actually dressing Barbie with Senior Director of Barbie® Design, Robert Best!
(...Who yelled at me for using a fur muff as a mini skirt)

...Play Fashion Plates!
Brett was resistant to my Fashion Forward mixing of florals & plaids.

...Watch bad movies

At XANADU... where Dreams Die!

Travel to far off lands like;



Acapulco 2006

Puerto Vallarta 2009

New York...



(Enjoying a Vin'l meal before



and just have fun in general.

When we weren't specifically having fun,
we shared meals and discussed important crap,
like family relations, friend relations, politics,
navigating our professional lives 
and what the year's
Halloween costume would be.
In 2003, it was Pirates!

Then it happened;
He met someone.
I'll call him Andrew,
because that's his name.

He's a swell fella.
He choroegraphed my big farewell number
...but he's also the guy who took my DAB.

So let me get this straight;
When we went out to the bars
or were out flirting,
he was REALLY looking for someone?
The nerve!

Actually, this one went like the best ones do;
they were introduced by a mutual friend.
(Ha! Some friend! She ends DABs!!)
No drunken meet,
or crazy on-line hook-up
or too polite to end the one-night-stand
situation there & then.

...And I suppose I can't be too hard on him,
because I've always said, 
while I am not gonna kill myself
searching for it,
I'm open to it if it happens.

So It Happened.
It all ended 
June 7, 2019...
I lost muh DAB, Brett.

Stay tuned,
and I'll give you the blow by blow loss
of my Die Alone Buddy
on the day of his wedding.

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