Saturday, February 5, 2022

Gay of A Certain Age - Craft Night 2022

After skipping a year, Craft Night 2022 has come and gone.

Craft Night may be the only night of the year when I have ANYONE in my home.  Deadly contagion made sure that I couldn't have one in 2021. I was torn by the idea of missing another year, but with the pandemmy still going on, I couldn't just fill up my home with a bunch of people and hope the Covid Fairy wouldn't pop in and sprinkle Omicron dust on everyone. So, I decided to have a very scaled down version with a vaxed 10 person max.  It was difficult to cut back the invite list, but I started with the O.G.s who've been coming since 2006, followed by those with seniority... it filled up fast.  

I don't think there was a moment when I actually had ten people in my home at one time, and while I missed the excitement & fun of the usual big crowd, I did appreciate the chance to sit and gab & craft with folk.

Of course, we had a photo set up...

We had a fun time posing for pics, 
but let's get to the REAL stuff we're here for,
This year, I had more nice cards than usual...

Then, there were the kinda naughty cards

...And, infamously, the Naughty Cards, that you can see HERE

It was a fun night, to be sure!
And, as a Gay of A Certain Age, I know to cherish such evenings with friends. (Especially, after last year!)

While I hold each and every one that came close to my heart, 
I'm excited to get back to a full guest list, hopefully next year!

Have Exactly the kind of Valentine's Day you want!!

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