Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day 2022!!

If you're alone on this special day,

Today is the day to enjoy yourself
the way you want to!
...or even ignore the day, as you please!

Today I celebrate
the peace and happiness I find within myself,
the comfort I feel in solitude
and unchallenged dominance of the TV remote control.

I enjoy being free of fretting
that I didn't pick the right gift,
 chose the wrong card,
didn't make the day special enough,
spoke the wrong words,
scared someone into thinking I love them more than they love me, 
or they love me more than I love them,
worrying that it's just over...

Today I celebrate the love I have
from my family and friends,
the happiness that fills my heart when I dog sit,
the taste sensation when I eat what I want,
and the pleasure at the touch only I know how to give...

If you are partnered with someone you love, 
congratulations to you, as well! 
Cherish that!

If you are not partnered.
enjoy yourself and have a 


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