Friday, February 18, 2022

Too Busy For Love - Lonely Hearts Club Be Damned!

Were you alone this Valentine's Day?
Were you sad about it?
I was alone, but totally not sad.
Listen, just because I am perfectly content not being partnered,
I do sometimes feel the pangs of loneliness.

One way I've come to beat the lonesome blues is to keep busy,
or keep interests that don't require other people 
to be enjoyed.
One of my interest is colorful things.
I enjoy colorful things. ...many different colorful things.
For example, I have a large Dunny collection.
(That means a bunch of colorful vinyl crap takes up space in my home)

I also enjoy art.
I enjoy many types and styles of art.
My favorite would have to be Pop Surrealism,
with artist like Mark Ryden, Mark Bryan and Buffmonster.
I also enjoy shirtless men,
So, I enjoy the art of the shirtless mans.
One particular artist I like to support is
I like his style and we have the same taste in men.
Here are a couple of his
Valentine's Day offerings. 

So, as you can see, one way I keep my heart full
and too busy for love
is following, admiring, collecting and displaying art.
While it would be nice to have someone to share this folly with,
I certainly don't need anyone to validate my fun.

If you do find yourself lonely
more often than you can stand,
there are other ways to combat that.
I'm no doctor
(even though I am quite wise in the art of alone...)
 So, I'll hand this topic off to the folks at 
Who'll provide 18 ways to overcome loneliness.
(Click the Psychology Today text above)

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