Thursday, February 26, 2015

Die Alone with Me

I haven't given up on love.  I think I've just given up thinking it's going to happen magically at some special time.  I think as I get older, I get more comfortable with myself and more accustomed to that comfort.   This makes it difficult to compromise and deal with another's faults and special behaviors that might have made them seem adorable to me when I was younger.  Now, I find that being alone for the rest of my life is a distinct possibility.  I am a single gay man, with no partner and no children.  I don't even have a dog.   I'm not sad.  Occasionally I'm lonely, but I enjoy my own company.  I got the idea for Die Alone With Me, when I considered my other friends, who are my age, single and gay, with no children and dating.  Maybe when we're in our 80's we'll be roommates, like the Golden Girls, single and dying alone together.  This is not a place of loneliness, but a place for finding people like you, or people you love, who are alone and can find the humor in it. Seriously, you gotta laugh, otherwise you'll scare people off and you'll end up dying alone alone!  So, if you're aging, getting more finicky, gay or straight, looking for a chuckle or an accidental insight, pop on over and DIE ALONE WITH ME.


  1. Nice! I'll die alone together with you anytime... I totally identify. From relationships, I miss most the cuddling and watching movies together, and just being spontaneous like 'Hey, let's just take a train to Santa Barbara today'. But, I also feel like there's lots going on the flip side to focus on while being single... hangs with friends, personal projects to work on and plan for, and not having to check in/compromise on everything. I like the idea of a somewhere in the middle... trying to figure it out for myself, as well. This totally spoke to me. I get it. Hugs. :)

  2. Hi! Found you via Kennethinthe212. I kind of feel like I don't belong here, because I am very happily partnered for almost 20 yrs. However, he is about 20 yrs older than me, so I expect to die alone. I do have a best friend that has given up on partnering (he's 40, like me) and we plan to take care of each other if we can. At this point, he is more about those apps that facilitate hook-ups for his particular preferences, altho he is open to something more meaningful. Meanwhile, he fills the void with his 2 pets and home improvement projects. Take care.

  3. So true! I'll take that journey with you. The journey is slightly different for me; living in Columbus,'s just a bit more of a "Midwestern" experience, but the parameters are pretty much the same.
    I live here because as an older gay male living with HIV since 1988, Columbus is a place where I could buy a home for myself and afford to live by myself (without a roomie). Being on Social Security since 1990, self-sustainability is very important to me.
    I do get lonely at times too. I have my dog and cat to get me through. I am turning the big 6-0 in June and have decided to go out of this country for my MYSELF (lol). It's not that I wouldn't mind the's just I'm not waiting around for it.
    I look forward to following your journey online. I'm sure I will empathize with all of it.

  4. Michael, I went to Madrid on my own for my 45th birthday and had a blast! I enjoy traveling with friends, but it was great going where I wanted, when I wanted at my own pace! (I could've used a pal to help monitor my intake at the naughty bars...)

  5. Danny, I joined the club without knowing. I just returned from a week in Playa del Carmen alone and had a great time. And I DID photo stalk some boys who were too gorgeous to leave behind!
    My husband died in 2013 and, being 48 and not "muscular" or "toned," Grindr do not have much to offer. Combine that with living in NC, and the prospects shrink dramatically.
    Speaking of the GG's I realized that I am now the same age as Blanche when the show started! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.