Monday, March 13, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - Fighting MISNOMOPHOBIA

As you all may recall, I suffer from a self-diagnosed fictional malady known as MISNOMOPHOBIA, the fear of getting someone's name wrong.  Why just a weekend ago, I was at a lovely wedding reception for Jerry and Greg along with lovely people and friends that I usually only see when we get together with Jerry.  I know Clay.  I know who Clay is!  But ever since an unfortunate Facebooks tagging incident, I feel like every time I see Clay, he thinks, "Great, here's the asshole who thinks I'm Mike".  I know Mike. I know who Mike is!  But now, even though I know him, I'm afraid I'll call Clay "Mike".  It's ridiculous, I know.  This time I decided, "No! I will enjoy this event without worry of calling Clay "Mike!" and it went lovelyly!  I enjoyed myself, had fun, chatted, laughed, hooched it up a bit and was quite satisfied with myself. ...until I got to my car.  I had just hugged and kissed everyone goodbye when I replayed the moment in my head.  I could swear I called Clay "Mike", even though Mike was sitting right next to him and it would have made no sense for me to say it twice, I COULD SWEAR I CALLED CLAY "MIKE"!!  Did I really?  Am I an asshole?

I may never know the answer to the first question, but we all know the second is answered with a resounding, "YES".

Then, something wonderful happened this morning.  I was grabbing a shirt to wear to work, when I glanced over at my Colt Porno calendar and thought, "I've never seen this model before March 1st. What is his name again? Scott Carter."  Then, I said aloud, "Good morning, Scott."  It made me feel good to say his name with confidence.  I decide to use this moment as an exercise and say "Good morning, Scott" every day until I can do it without peeking down at his name listed below his balls.  I hope it will remind me to repeat a person's name when we are introduced and perhaps repeat it a few times in my head while they are still in view.  Of course, it doesn't help that the shadow of the clothing bar falls right across his face, and the faces of all the other models in the calendar.  I guess I'll have to work just a little bit harder at placing the name with the face.  (Honestly, I'd be quite impressed with myself if I could place a name to a cock!  Only because that would mean I met a cock or two.) (wah wah)

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I am mortified that I am so horrible at names and not much better at remembering them.  I am also pleased with myself that I've found a practical use for my neked mens calendar from Colt!

...Now please, enjoy a few images from that lovely reception:

Congratulations, Jerry & Greg!!

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