Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - 24 Legacy

Well, it happened this weekend; I went to the gym and I didn't burst into flames! (Although, sometimes my sweat burns me like holy water...)  As you may recall, my 50th birthday is approaching and I made my Recreate Geoff at 50 Project goal to recreate my friend, Geoff's photo- which is him, nearly neked, looking fit at 50.  I've taken my first official steps in that direction.  After well over a year, I made the grueling five minute walk to 24 Hour Fitness in the West Hollywood and did stuff that makes me ache and almost not be able to even type in this entry.  I forgot one of my general rules about the gym from years ago, "You can slow down, but don't ever stop".  That's because starting all over again from zero is a BITCH!

In order to apply more incentive than posting a nearly nude photo of myself for all the internets to see, I've decided to travel to New Zealand & Australia for my Big 50 birthday trip.  It will be Spring there and hopefully warm enough to take a dip at the several beaches I'll be near.  I would like to look fairly decent in a pair of actual Aussie Bum swimwears!   I don't expect I'll be Super Model ready, but I hope to look less schlumpy and a little more like this guy...

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know it's important to strive to achieve one's goals.  It is equally important not to scare of any potential Kiwi or Bloke husbands while in one's donger wrap!

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