Friday, April 28, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season 2017

Drag season is upon us, again!  I'd love to go see that movie with the cars on a submarine with you and talk about it as we bask in the afterglow and guilt of sex, but I'm too busy!!

Tonight, My friends Geoffy and Bossman and I are going to the Mark Taper Forum to see a play!

If I can trust a co-worker, ARCHDUKE will be a fun time.  

But I can't stay out late!  I have to get up early, apply some slap, slip on a dress and get to Ru Paul's Dragcon 2017!

I'll be handing out free condoms and talking about PrEP (if I read that info they sent me) on Saturday and Sunday.

Then, the weekend after, I'm doing color commentary for the Drag Queen World Series.
This year it's the West Hollywood Cheerleaders Vs The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!
Actually, every year it's the West Hollywood Cheerleaders Vs The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, but it's for charity, so Yay, teams!

Then a mere three nights later, I will be appearing in a Cabaret as Reba Areba.

May 9th, I join Mimi von Schack on stage at the Casita Del Campo, doing a little song and very little dance.  Julianne St Germaine's show will be a fun time!!

Then before I know it, I'll be rehearsing and performing in Chico's Angels new Variety Hour, which turns out to be a live "clip show" (You know, like when sit-coms ran out of ideas and did, "Remember when..." + clip as an episode?  This is that, but with us performing numbers from our previous shows) but don't fret, there's a few surprises in there, too!

So, while it would be nice for us to grab a coffee and I tell you all about my New York adventure, I'm too busy for love!

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