Monday, August 14, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - Bonked!

(Photo by Larry Gellar)

Well, let me tell you... this weekend was filled with plenty of rehearsal, a little socializing and a clubbing.  Yeah, I said clubbing because I felt like I had been bludgeoned about the head all day Sunday!  I arrived at Precinct at about 9:15

got ready and was dispensing compliments at the Compliments Dispensary by 10:00.  I had a great time handing out compliments and was surprised to find that people gave tips for that sort of thing!  Here is an example of one of my compliments:

I really enjoyed writing them and watching the expressions of the recipients, but had to be careful not to get too esoteric for the crowd; like when I wrote, "Ju are so nice, like Leona Helmsley en a coma."  Some of the kids don't know who that was. Anyway, the place is a blast and I enjoyed the other folks working around me, especially Rasputin's Marionettes!

Is it just me, or is that puppet ESEXY?
What is it about him?

I remember these marionettes from seeing the super neato Pretty Things Peep Show, brought to us by Matt Scott  and Go-Go Amy!

Selene Luna as Dr. Newman, selling her Trump Glory Hole Covers was a delightful treat!

Plus, the other girlz at the dispensary, Sarah Probblem and Love, Connie (the fabulous John Cantwell) were a joy!  We were gathered together by  Club King, Mario Diaz.

And there were some dancers...  They were nice.

Even the walls are fun (Thanks to Homo Riot in this case)

It was all a great time to be sure!  The music was much to my liking, a had one Angry Orchard hard apple cider (because it's gluten-free) and I got a chance to be creative!  I was home, out of make-up and in bed by 3:00ish AM.

Anyway, Sunday morning, I woke up at my usual time and went to have breakfast with muh DAB, Glenn.  Then, I forced myself to go buy new shoes (I'm the worst gay in that way... do any other gays have to FORCE themselves to go shoe shopping?) then went down for a nap.  I re-awoke and headed to rehearsal, feeling like I had been hit by a truck the entire time.  I must say my admiration for Mario and Jackie Beat multiplied when I realized that they had just done 3 performances of The Golden Girlz Live prior to arriving Saturday night and were already doing their first of 3 more performances Sunday as I was dragging myself to rehearsal.

As a Gay of A Certain Age; I'm amazed that Jackie had the energy to do all of that while I, just a year or two younger, was trying to figure out how to sneak naps into the brief minutes that I wasn't expected to be saying lines out loud during rehearsal!  

Here a big HUZZAH to Jackie, Mario and all the others who do shows and clubs at the same time- you amaze me!

Thank you, Mario, Go-Go Amy and Jackie!

Now please enjoy some pics of me enjoying BONKERZ!

If you're not exhausted
tune in tonight!

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