Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gay of A Certain Age - Little Orphan Danny

After that little kerfuffle with my alleged father, it occurred to me that, unless I get on with adopting a  child (mental children adopting children??), I'm not going to have someone of my own to call unnatural and evil.  (saddy face)    Along with that, I won't have any children to take care of me in my older age.  Then again, while I am terrifically grateful to my sisters for taking the lead on caring for our lovely mother, I'm not bending, even in the slightest, to make sure my alleged father is being taken care of.  So, even if I DID have a kid I could call unnatural and evil, it still is no guarantee they'd wanna stick around to make sure I'm gumming my One A Day gummies each morning.  Don't worry, I'm not even considering adopting.  What I do have to consider is the relationships I have with siblings and friends.  Who will I have around me in the sunset years?  While I ponder that, please read this little ditty on Aging Alone.

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