Thursday, August 10, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Diamond Crazy!

Holy, Margret!  Sorry I haven't posted in a bit!  I'd love to go to that neked pool party with you, but I'm too busy!!  Working full time and rehearsing for a show and keeping up social media and socializing is tough!

Along with working 4 Instagram accounts: Chico's Angels, Frieda Laye, Reba Areba and myself, I have to make sure our Facebook accounts are up to date, as well.  It takes up a lot of time posting, scrolling & liking other folks those accounts follow!

If i'm not looking at my phone or laptop, I'm staring at my script while rehearsing for CHICO'S ANGELS 4 CHICAS ARE FOVEVER.  Not only am I (kinda) learning lines, I'm learning steps!
It ain't easy!  

Don't think there's much down time, because instead of sitting back and enjoying the weekend, I'm going to added rehearsals and making appearances.  Like, this Saturday, I'll be working the night handing out pleasantries at the Compliments Booth at club BONKERZ! at Precinct in Downtown L.A.

...And don't think that because we don't rehearse every night,that there's free time!  I also have to prepare for this Monday's Facebook Live Event!

Then, on other nights that I'm not working, I find it important to maintain the few relationships that I do have and value. That calls for spending time with and/or supporting my friends' endeavors.  Tonight I'm getting out with a few of my friends to see other friends (the lovely and talented Aynsley Bubbico and Natalie Lander) in The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Bridesmaids at Rockwell.

So I hope you understand that, while I'd love to squeeze into those trunks, that I'm just gonna struggle out of a few minute after I arrive at the neked pool party and try not to drink too much on an empty stomach, because you know, NEKED...  I simply CAN NOT, due to my schedule.

Just a reminder;
BONKERZ! This Saturday night

and the diamond heist episode CHICO'S ANGELS 4 Aug 23-Spt 3, which is on the verge of selling out!

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