Friday, July 13, 2018

FU Cupid - A Fading Profile With Gun In Hand

So there I am on the FU Cupid, back in June, when I see the profile pic of someone I find attractive.
Lured by the physical attraction, I click on his profile.  I like everything I read.  Could it be I have found the elusive, “Okay, THIS guy”?
Emboldened by my appreciation of pic/profile “Eureka!” I move on to the next step.  I send him a message.  Brief, but friendly and only slightly cryptic.
He responds in kind and in good humor.  Over the next couple of days we enjoy a very nice text exchange. 
We seem to be moving at an appropriate rate, both careful not to push to meet too soon, but conscious of expressing sustained interest.
Then, it finally comes about three weeks later, the “let’s meet” text.

He says he’d really like to meet me, but is going for an extended vacation in July.  I don’t have my calendar with me when I receive his message,
So I tell him, I’d be leaving for Palm Springs on the 12th of June, kicking off a crazy schedule, but that I know I have the last week of June open, so I’d get back to him with a proposed date. He replied, "Perfect!"  Luckily for me, our PR guy Mike Pingle offered to share a ride to Palm Springs AND drive.  This proved to be the perfect opportunity to check my calendar and get back with “Okay, THIS guy”.

I thought, 'why wait so long to meet up', so I picked the next Monday night, but let him know other nights were available, if Monday wasn’t good for him.
That’s when I heard it!  The grand concerto of a chorus of crickets.
Crickets playing their little hearts out for days! Nay, Weeks!

I finally faced the fact that I had been ghosted.
You know me!  I rarely get excited about these things.
But, I guess I am part human, after all...

A week later, I have brunch with muh DAB, Glenn and fill him in on the adventures of Chico's Angel in Palm Springs, as well as my latest FU Cupid woes.
He asks to see the profile of my ghost and says, "Oh, yeah.  That guy..."
I was all, "What? What? Pray tell, what?"
"I went out with him one time," says Glenn, "He told me at the table he has horrible anger issues and is terribly bi-polar. Then, he ghosted me."

I felt a slight wispy breeze graze my temple as the metaphorical bullet whizzed by...

Boy! I dodged a bullet on that one!

It's crazy that this guy stays on the app and does the same thing, over and over, to different guys!
Is that any more crazy than my staying on the app, avoiding creeps and psychos, over and over?
Remeber when I wrote about it HERE?  At least that those times, I actually got a date before they disappeared.

Why do I even bother?

It's because I have HOPE, that's why!
Even though I know there's a good chance I'm going to die alone, I also know there's a chance, if I keep looking and working, that I will find someone who is attracted to me and gets me, whom I feel the same about and who will die alone with me.

It could also be because I forgot to cancel the auto-renew and just got billed for another 6 fucking months...


  1. Correction!!!! I never went on a date with him. He told me that info in an email...and like you...seemed to want to meet and then ghosted. We BOTH dodged that bullet!

  2. How "A Million Little Pieces" of me!

  3. Interesting- I'm in some dating apps but still have not made a connection either- but I have notice the same guys in different sites- with the strangely ageless photo- do they ever meet anyone or they just there to hang out on line for ever- also why wait so long too meet in person unless you have something to hide