Monday, August 20, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - The Drag/Porn Equation

Drag Season hasn't exactly disappeared, I'm still donning slap & drag for different events, here & there, which is a big reason I'm too busy for love.  There is one recent event which ticked off another box in my Die Alone With Me situation: This BEST IN DRAG SHOW photo shoot is another example of why I am single. 

No, it's not the drag thing, again; it's a nice perk of the drag.  Although, to look at the photo below, you might not think there is ANY perk to drag (OMG! It's jus the start of the process, don't judge!) 

The thing is, as part of the shoot for photos that will be shown during the big pageant, we also shot some calendar photos!  What makes the calendar a little extra special, aside from our fabulous outfits, is the naked male models.  Yeah!  I don't know who put together the equation Drag = Gay Porn's Friend, but I thank them profusely!!  As if it wasn't hard enough putting myself together (alright, not so difficult because my beautiful make-up was done by the amazing Glen Alen) and trying to think of interesting and original poses, they compound the difficulty by adding these guys walking around! I mean, how am I supposed to come up with an emotional and evocative Cinco de Mayo pose when I've got this guy standing right in front of me?
(Devin Franco)

It's hard, right?  I can't post many pictures of me as Reba Areba, because I'm not allowed to show my final looks. Fortunately, I can show you theirs, because these are not their final looks... their's were less encumbered.
(Devin Franco, Remy Cruze, Alam Wernik)

Also, you may know that I have a thing for Arad Winwin, whom I've long admired, since my first DragCon...

Well, having him on set made it doubly hard for me!
How am I supposed to hold still for Glen's eyeliner pencil, when I've got this scene happening right outside my make-up room?

Somehow, I made it through the day without making a complete spectacle of myself and without my tongue flopping out of my mouth and onto the floor.  Also, it was nice that each one of them was a sweetheart. Trenton Ducati (with whom I am coupled in the top photo) seems to have put together a very pleasant stable of models!

This is Why I Am Single: Sometimes my line of work puts me in the company of some very hot and very disrobed, friendly men!

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