Friday, August 24, 2018

Too Busy For Love - A Whole Lotta Best in DTLA Proud!

I'd love to go to that movie with you, the one about the robot dog, but I can't!  I have a very drag heavy weekend ahead of me!  Tonight, I have to go see Kay Sedia & Lotta Slots in their show,
A WHOLE LOTTA KAY at the Casita Del Campo!

Then, Sunday I have a double whammy of drag; in the morning, I have a talent preview for BEST IN DRAG SHOW where I have to show the producers exactly what I'm doing in the show.
(original artwork by Phillip Orozco)

 My talent portion is not turning out exactly how I planned, but I can still make it work.  The toughest part is figuring out how to get this hunky guy to rehearse!
This is Duke Shoman, you may remember him as one of Chico's Angels' hunks.  He is a living doll (and a great photogopher!) but he doesn't have a lot of time.  I can't reveal too much, but my talent portion involves him shirtless, blindfolded and holding a stick!  I just gotta figure out a way to bring it all together for the meeting Sunday morning.

What do you mean I skipped Saturday?  OMG! It's my blog, I think I know what I'm doing...
I'll be busy Saturday, checking out the grounds of DTLA Proud where Chico's Angels will be hosting the stage 7:00 - 10:00 PM on Sunday!

Then, on Monday, I gotta take a personal hour or two from work to go be interviewed, IN DRAG, as Frieda Laye for a very local station.

So, while I'd love to fondle your dog while watching a metal dog on the big screen this weekend, I can't! I'm too busy!!

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